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The Longest Night of the Year. We remember.

We gathered in the early evening darkness, the city a constant hum of traffic on the streets surrounding us. We gathered and we held our tiny flickering candle lights and listened to the sounds and stood in the silence. 616 more words


On the longest night of the year

On the longest night of the year
for a friend

As you hold your vigil in the wee hours, as you mourn the loss of day, let the tears roll down your cheeks. 208 more words


Season's Greetings

             No matter what holiday you celebrate at this time of year, or even if you don’t participate at all, there’s a history we can’t ignore. 522 more words

Remembering those who never made it home.

There are a thousand roads leading into homelessness, but only two leading out of it. One leads home. The other leads to the grave.

On Monday, December 21 we will gather as a community to remember those whose road out of homelessness ended with their last breath. 388 more words


Wintertime: It's Up to You!

In Bavaria, we’ve reached this incredible time of the year where our nights are almost twice as long as our days. But if you think of this season to be awfully dull, dark and depressing, you’ve just not mastered the art of a cosy night in quite yet :) Here’s a list of must-haves and must-dos! 575 more words