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A Month in China - Hong Kong, Yangshuo and Longji Rice Terraces

We stood high in the mountains of Southern China, surrounded by some of the world’s most incredible rice terraces.  These paddies had been built over 600 years earlier and continued to be farmed to this day.  1,312 more words

A day trip to Longji Rice Terraces

Drip, drip, drip. The sound of the morning rain quickly became familiar to us. Like the locals, we donned raincoats and had our umbrellas handy. We were not about to let the rain stop us from sightseeing. 1,091 more words

Railway Travel

Portrait of Great Grandma Pan - A Yao minority

Meet great grand mother Pan – a Yao.  Yao people are an ethnic minority group that live in the mountainous terrain in Southern China.  The Pan family lives in Dazhai, a village in the foothills of the Longji RiceTerraces. 94 more words


53 - Around Guilin (and farewell, China)

September 15

Arrival to Guilin by nightfall. I meet 4 Air France flight attendants in my hotel reception, and we go for dinner together. I am very proud of how fluent – if a little bit rusty – my French is. 1,748 more words


Guilin, China and Environs - A Photo Journey

Terrace rice paddies, karsts, ancient villages, the Li River and Cormorant Fishermen.  Guilin has it all if one is an aspiring photographer.

We climbed mountains, waded in the river, traveled by rafts and drove for hours to get the perfect shot. 53 more words


Will You Take My Picture?

You know that annoyingly repetitive song “Take a Picture” by Filter released in 1999? If you have no idea what I’m talking about Google the song because I guarantee you’ve heard it and youuu don’t rememberrr. 2,814 more words


Part Two - Guìlín, Yángshuò and the Lóngjî Rice Terraces

Day Six

Today was simply a transit day. We ate like kings at our buffet breakfast (five star hotel remember?) and then flew to Guìlín where we were greeted with more torrential rain. 909 more words