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Steven Davis's "Truthteller": Book Review and Q&A

By Valentine

Written by New Zealand investigative journalist, Stephen Davis, Truthteller provides the journalistic perspective on stories that peel back information the general public has a right to know. 3,342 more words

The Blackwells - Dr. Prognes's Diagnosis

and Othorion sat together on the chaise, together creating a cloud of anxiety.
Ynaselle clutched a handkerchief in one hand and clasped Othorion’s knee with… 1,429 more words


Depression In Music: Why Is It So Common?

It was the summer of 2012 when I first discovered Elliot Smith and to put it lightly, I was enamoured by how talented he was. Every song of his sounded serene yet painful to listen to. 2,091 more words


The Blackwells - The Morning After

The morning
light glittered off the crystal carafe as Vithian poured Othorion the sweet
mint tea. Ulesse had set a lovely table for the family’s breakfast in the… 2,260 more words



Welcome back lovies! By the time of the move to Napoleon in 2012, my cerebral palsy and seizures were invisible to the public. It was great time for me. 2,148 more words


Welcome back, lovies! Let’s begin our journey! My family is made up of runners. My parents ran track and cross country in high school and my younger brothers are doing the same right now. 2,360 more words

Highway Shits... and three other reasons The Perfection is impossible to snack to

By Bradley Sutherland

It began with a school bus sequence that snatched your appetite and punted it into the toilet. An extremely intense and unnerving scene that set the tone for the rest of the movie. 1,996 more words