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Dear America, What Happened To One Nation Under God?

The Celebrated Evangelical Delusion of the Christian Nation

If your idea of a Christian nation is a country that have the largest population of Christians, where  1,338 more words


Something mysterious

There is something mysterious about a person who does not look you in the eye when you speak to them. It can mean that they are shy or that they are lying to you. 740 more words


Bad Customer Care in Bangladesh

Before I start on the boring details of this article, let me begin by telling you a story.

One afternoon, after a long day from work, a woman in her mid-forties, walks into a well known supermarket to buy groceries before heading home. 643 more words


The Creator's Mind!

Purpose, determines the shape, form, strength, characteristics, vision, speed and content.

Purpose, determines the talents and potential you possess. Purpose made you, you are created and born to achieve a specific task. 136 more words

Fiction & Poetry

0 to 100, real quick.

Sooo where do I begin? Lets just say I decided to leave my career – which I actually worked hard for (believe it or not) – and decided I wanted a change. 207 more words

Aspiring Hairstylist


It’s said that the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from our enemies…and that’s exactly why it hurts so bad…

I have always had a bad track record with people I trust …each and every stranger I started to bring inside my inner shell broke me and proved it over and over again that you can trust no one but yourself. 172 more words