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This Is How The World Gets Sick

We’re unprepared for the next flu pandemic. A near-future speculation by a top epidemiologist explains the risk we’ve tacitly permitted.

Fast Company –


The Immigration-Obsessed, Polarized, Garbage-Fire Election of 1800

A. Roger Ekirch | American Sanctuary: Mutiny, Martyrdom, and National Identity in the Age of Revolution | Pantheon | February 2017 | 33 minutes (8,149 words) 8,387 more words


Impossibility of Discerning Life

October 7, 2016 • 8:40pm


When I get to think about that word… a roll of thoughts and ideas would come up to me like, it’s some sacred gift from above. 1,253 more words


If You're a Woman, I'm Sorry.

Every day I come back to the hostel room and dive into the world of social media. Every day, there’s only one thing that remains constant. 413 more words


6 Thinking Traps That We All Fall Into

Snow in Las Vegas – I never thought that could happen! But it did, in December 2008, when this photo was taken. Luckily an American friend warned me how cold it could get in the winter. 2,902 more words