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BLACK HOLLOW 7.1 What the Pest Control Expert Saw

Haryk’s legs pumped like an overworked well hammer. His slicker blew out backwards. There was no wind in the cavern’s tunnels, but he was making plenty of his own! 1,286 more words

The Unsung Heroes (Collab with Ameet)

My verses: 

Amidst the terrorizing tranquility of the night
A knight emerged through the darkest hour’s plight.
Despite the fact, his own fears began to take flight… 506 more words


BLACK HOLLOW 6.4 The Door that the Help Uses

Haryk figured that his last thought, as he was about to be swallowed whole, was that he wouldn’t ever get that plate of roasted boar, or that pint of beer. 892 more words

BLACK HOLLOW 6.3 The Help That Haryk Wanted to See

The tunnels of sandstone soon turned into a variety pack of laboratory nightmares!

Andril and Haryk jumped, skipped and skidded in the sand and rock.  They sped through the tunnels, rounding corners and trying to keep their wits in case another of the dragon monstrosities appeared.  1,040 more words

BLACK HOLLOW 6.2 Dragons, and Dungeons, Sort Of

Haryk and Andril once more found that their instincts were right, and their instincts were wrong too.

This was becoming a severe habit for them both. 1,247 more words




He wishes the rain came. He knows he would not go out in the rain. But for old times sake, he wants to see rain fall on the dusty ground and keep on falling for sometimes. 4,717 more words

The Deceptive Smile

It was this very morning when I was having a conversation with a particpant of the Happiness Program. During the brief interaction she exclaimed how she was good at deceiveing a smile on her face. 628 more words