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On kindness, curiosity, and worrying


Today is Game of Thrones night. I promise that I will not post any spoilers online. That is: I won’t just try my best. I will make sure, by not writing and then publishing anything until I’ve thought about it long and hard. 5,032 more words

Medievalisings: Comparative Contemporary Commentary

Megacon Brings In The Worst People (Part 1)

It was a gloomy Saturday morning with the sky as a blanket of clouds and the sunlight producing a blissful haze throughout the region.

My brother, Johnny, is posing as Kato from The Green Hornet with the hope that one of his photos would serve as his latest profile pic. 2,564 more words

Beautiful Morning

Seeing the break of dawn is a gift
Seeing the sunrise
The chirping of the birds
The rodents has they seek for nut
The fishes as they swim in the cold stream… 103 more words

Writing / Blogging

Significant Trends and Theme of the 21st Century

Age of a single person is normally calculated in days, months and years. On the contrary, at a collective level, the age of a group or nation is generally measured in decades and centuries. 1,473 more words


Time of Isolation, Chapter 4 Part 2

Before beginning this week’s post I’d like for us here in the USA to remember the fallen as we enter the memorial day weekend. Without their sacrifice¬† we wouldn’t be doing what we are today. 2,980 more words


The Gift: Chapter Twelve

It was late in the afternoon when Jerry awoke. Gina wasn’t lying next to him, and after a quick scout of the room, he realised she wasn’t there. 1,051 more words


In the previous days before getting here, there was no heightened feelings, rapid blinks, bloated head and fast paced pulses. I was completely light, flexible and free. 530 more words