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Outside the Closet

The walls are closing in,
I’m trapped in my own mind,
My face stings a little,
As you slash at me again,

The metal cold as your heart, 170 more words


At the end of Tobago Street

Chapter One

HE NEEDED TO SEE HER. Desperately. Yes, he did remember they’d promised not to get in touch, but this was different. They were following him again … Of course, he was sure. 910 more words


Mystery eyes, shining lights, & that smile

It was almost night, when we decided to stop our search for clicking that perfect photo; it needed a lot of things to make it perfect, so satisfying all the criteria wasn’t easy. 979 more words


At The End of Tobago Street

Chapter Two

For Chapter One click here

A FEARFUL WAILING cut through the birdsong, quelling it as abruptly as the keen sweep of a conductor’s baton might. 3,030 more words


The Optimistic Pessimist

So which is better, optimism or pessimism? I’ll give you a clue: the answer is pessimism.

Now I have to do something a little odd and ask you to pretend that you didn’t just read that; what I’m going to do now is delve into the relative merits of optimism and pessimism under the pretense of going in with an open mind, and so for reasons of narrative integrity it would be best if you didn’t know that my mind is already made up. 1,456 more words


The Theory of Multiverse 

Some Infinites are bigger than other infinities – John Green, The Fault in our Stars

The Theory of Multiple Universes or Multiverses for short, has been killing me ever since the very first time I’ve heard of it.

510 more words

Olive - March 2012 (Part 2)

Indian met an Iranian in Zurich.

Next Day they met at a coffee place. After video chatting, it was not difficult for them to recognize one another at the cafe. 647 more words

Book Review