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Health inequity and misplaced priorities!

The fact that the government of Kenya has been putting in considerable efforts towards rescucitating and stabilizing our healthcare systems is quite commendable. Lately,i have noted their efforts geared towards reducing the… 436 more words

What Does the Word 'Home' Mean for Married Women?

Two weeks ago, I returned from my Karachi ‘vacation’ to Abbottabad, my husband and in laws where we have been spending our time working from home. 1,487 more words

The Curious Case Files

“Love You More, More, More”

This post is a personal one. A very personal one. I am going to be writing about my favourite human being. The person I have the most special bond with, regardless of our age gap between the two of us. 1,052 more words

M. A. N. I. P. U. L. A. T. I. O. N

*Trigger warning: toxic relationships, emotional and psychological abuse, manipulation, selfishness, negligence*

This topic is a topic that really touches me. Although I am engaged, prior to my fiancé, I was in a relationship (for about a year and a half, ish) with a guy who I thought was THE one. 859 more words

The Endgame of the Olympics

Dvora Meyers | Longreads | August 2020 | 5,722 words (23 minutes)

A year ago, back when we were still allowed to gather in groups larger than a minyan, activists convened in Tokyo to talk about how they were going to end the biggest global gathering of them all — the Olympic Games. 5,959 more words


Purpose-driven learning

All beings in this universe learn something or the other. As life is ever-changing and adaptability becomes crucial, so does the learning mechanism. To bring this discussion down to a human level it means that the learning you are doing or intend to do entirely depends on YOU and how you implement what you’ve learned. 1,307 more words

The Gregarious Introvert Articles

It is not just forcible intercourse; sexual assault means to inhabit and destroy everything.

What Is Sexual Assault ?

Rape is the wrongdoing of savagery, not sexual enthusiasm. It is intended to debase, mortify, and control. The aggressor can be an outsider or somebody known and trusted. 919 more words