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Separation (Collab with Riya)

I miss the feel of your warm cheeks
& the kind words that you used to speak.
I miss your personality that was magnificently mystique… 311 more words


If I knew how to goit, I would goiter

The month after my brother died, my throat began to feel really weird: like my voice had turned sideways and lodged at the base of my neck. 1,440 more words

Morbid Adventure

The Miracle of The Butterfly.


Pretty average insects’ right?

Caterpillar into a cocoon into a butterfly that’s it,

That’s the cycle.

Death obviously at the end but is that all there is to this fragile, 4 winged, metaphoric creature? 327 more words


Until you find your Horizon

When life gives you lemons, add some vodka in it.

I don’t know what I live in. Is it my life or something I force to act out.

368 more words

et geekera's Ten Favourite Games of 2017

It’s kind of amazing to hear talk along the lines that 2017 could be one of the greatest years in gaming history. Nintendo has to take a lot of credit for that. 2,767 more words


The Last Jedi is a Failure, Part 5 - The Mouse Is Hungry

This has been an overlong analysis, but now it finally pays off.  What was the purpose of this film?  Why was it actually made, and why was it made so seemingly incompetently?  2,861 more words


New Year's in Osaka

31 December 2016- 2 January 2017

I ended my first month in Japan with a trip to Osaka to ring in the New Year, and immediately fell in love with it. 1,101 more words