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My life is treasured in those yellow pages!

Probably this is the first time I’m talking so openly about my journals. Till today they were under the shadows. Only a handful of people knew about them, but when it came to… 472 more words


Bridge the Adversities! 

There is a reason for everything that happens. Your going to bed early will enable you to get up early, your forgetting a 100 rupee note on the dining table may actually come in handy for your mother who is in a hurry to go and get the grocery. 733 more words


Het jaar van de ocelot


Aeropuerto Eliécer Benítez, het vliegveldje van het Caribische vestingstadje San Juan de Mezatenango dat vernoemd was naar de eerste democratisch gekozen president, leek in die dagen in niets op de gestroomlijnde steriele vliegvelden zoals die later overal op het Europese en Amerikaanse continent zouden verschijnen. 2,670 more words


A generation of Fads

So someone once challenged me and told me the internet has been a breeding ground of “narcissistic intelligence”… being the hardnut that I am, there had to be a heated back-and-forth before I was totally convinced about this matter ( I always crave a good debate; and the opportunity presented itself). 651 more words

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Unprepared: The Difficulty of Getting a Prescription for a Drug That Effectively Prevents HIV Infection

Spenser Mestel | Longreads | December 2016 | 23 minutes (5,642 words)

I’m sitting on the examining table at Student Health in Iowa City, digging a nail into the cuticle of my right thumb, waiting for Robin, the physician’s assistant. 5,841 more words


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