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Surviving the Long Haul

For women in the trucking industry, going to work involves abuse, sexual harassment, and discrimination in an antiquated system. Mary Pilon dives into this world in a longread at Mary Review.



Every year, just like you, I have a “birth day,” which is a misnomer as I am not born on that day every year, although I was once. 2,631 more words

Complications, One At A Time

The Ugly Indian Truth.

Set out to catch Pokémon on Indian roads, got masturbated at instead.

It can happen in a secluded lane, it can happen while you are amidst a swarm of people. 939 more words


Syria’s War on Doctors

An underground network of medical workers and trauma surgeons in Syria, led by David Nott, aims to spread medical knowledge as the Syrian government strives to eradicate it.


The Road to Entrepreneurship: Day 10 - Prosecco with a Little Cranberry Juice Goes a Long Way!

The kind of day I had, my Friday morning at home was one of excitement while my evening at work was pure frustration. The excitement came from an email from my legal department with some wonderful news! 432 more words