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Bee On Milk Thistle

I liked the blue behind this Milk Thistle. While I was working on this shot, a bee flew in. I thought it looked more interesting with the bee, adding another element to the image.



Walking through the Meadow, we found this grasshopper. Usually if you stop to photograph them they jump away. This posed for a while for us. 8 more words



There were many types of Sunflowers in the Meadow. Or I believe they were Sunflowers from my research. I could not determine the exact type, but they seem to be in the Sunflower family.


Buckeye Butterfly

Another butterfly we found in the Meadow Gardens. This one looked in better shape than most of the other butterflies we saw in the meadow.


Mating Damselflies

In the Water Lily Gardens at Longwood Gardens there were a lot of Dragonflies and Damselflies. As I was photographing the lilies, I noticed quite a few mating damselflies. 24 more words


Foto Friday - Longwood Gardens

Today we continue our Longwood photo series. I shot these at a trip we took to Longwood Gardens. It was a snowy day outside, but warmed up nicely. 19 more words

Foto Friday

Swallowtail On Milk Thistle

There were quite a few butterflies in the Meadow at Longwood Gardens also. They seemed to like the Milk Thistle as did the Hummingbird Moths. And they were a lot slower and easier to photograph! 17 more words