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A gloom over all our celebrations

The parish magazine of Longworth had sad news for villagers from Charney Bassett, but some pious hopes for the new year.

By the time this Magazine is in our readers hands, Christmastide with its conflicting memories of joy and sadness will have passed away. 178 more words

Life On The Home Front

Hissing Cousins The Untold Story of Eleanor Roosevelt and

In Wonderland, the White Queen had been changed by the Red Queen in an disastrous course of circumstances where the Crown landed on the Red Queen’s head. 274 more words

Wonderful generosity at a time of rising prices

Longworth fundraising for Belgian refugees amounted to what was then a substantial sum. The latest element of war work was the making of cakes for wounded soldiers. 215 more words

Nursing The Wounded

'Out of five sons, three have been killed and one is a prisoner'

The June issue of the Longworth parish magazine reported on the latest news of local soldiers.

Walter Carter, Fred Carter and our morning postman, Albert W. 347 more words

Joining Up

An awful experience

Although Berkshire was spared the fear of air raids, many local people had friends and relatives ho were directly affected. A former District Nurse in Longworth, who had left the area on her marriage, shared her frightening experiences with her old friends. 118 more words

Life On The Home Front

Gifts of rabbits lessen distress

Longworth and Charney Bassett remembered their soldiers, while rising prices caused distress for poorer families at home.

Will our readers please add the following names to their list of soldiers for whom we in Longworth are specially bound to pray – Sydney Niker, William, Fred, George and Alan Hutchings. 131 more words

Life On The Home Front

A user comparison of Longworth and Ugglan small mammal live traps

————- Please note, this post contains some images and descriptions of dead animals that may upset ————-

I have done quite a lot of small mammal trapping over the past 5 years or so, starting as voluntary work but leading to full time employment as a professional in the field. 2,299 more words