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God Says “It’s OK To Not Be OK”

This morning I read Psalm 88 again. When I say ‘again’, I mean it comes around regularly in my daily readings.

This Psalm always unnerves me. 632 more words

Christian Faith

A World of Confusion

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in the post-modern world has deadened us to the joy of knowing and worshipping
God. There is chaos in our hearts and… 379 more words

Beware the ebullient souls

Beware the ebullient souls saying
“We’re glad you came, welcome, we’ll call you” but they never do.
Look behind you, they’ve gone haven’t they,
As if they never even existed and I think . 37 more words

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Missing, Presumed Lost

Missing, Presumed Lost

Floating behind me,
a sea of blue, an immense sphere
comprising all that I know,
adore and despise,
breathe and asphyxiate,
drink and drown. 256 more words


Perchance I write thy mighty Paradelle

Perchance I will see

Perchance I may escape thy maze of darkness

Perchance I may find thy new fate… 23 more words



I have been wake-walking in a worn-out tired that’s perpetually nauseous,
ravenous for something, but not hungry, exactly,
raw in a way that takes me by surprise and frustrates me; 217 more words


O.K. I Admit...

It is very hard to explain to people who have never known serious depression or anxiety the sheer continuous intensity of it. There is no off switch.

125 more words