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Concentric Snapshots

Concentric Snapshots


Two new high school grads
our duet, playing at probing,
experimental love;

clumsily grasping
at the third rail,

illuminating our
respective darkness, 532 more words

Gentrification and the Victoria Line: Authenticity is a marketing buzzword.

There’s a lot of crowds packed into a heaving tube train at 1am on weekends. People are smartly dressed and drunk. A man with a 5 o’clock shadow staggers on, swerving into people as though they were bowling skittles. 1,055 more words


Let's Talk About Loneliness (Designed: Emotions)

Unknown.  Unwanted.  Unseen.  Unheard.  Untouched.  Undesired.  Unchosen.  Unwanted.  Unneeded.  LONELY!

“It doesn’t matter if I am in a dark room all alone, or in a crowd of strangers, or even in the company of people who are supposed to love me….loneliness is there.  2,387 more words

the burden of forgiveness

Along the banks

river sand pulls away

from a glistening shore,

dusky gemstones caught in the current.

Minute ecosystems inhabit

tiny tide pools in the wet sand. 95 more words


I wanted to ESCAPE

“I want to Grow wings and fly away” ..
“I want run away” ..
“I want to escape reality”..

That sense of freedom we all thought about once in our life time! 194 more words

Dumbest 911 Calls

An unknown man called the police 27,000 times over a span of two years, because he was lonely.


new moon prayer of a deadbeat

new moon prayer of a deadbeat

you were acting unruly
willfully testing boundaries
as I patiently corrected
your older sister mocked you
and so I scolded her too… 105 more words