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Go to Sleep You Animal

I’m stricken with a terrible indecision. Barely comprehensible by my mind, as it dwells in the logic starved landscape that is my heart. This indecision, I couldn’t explain how it qualifies as such. 157 more words


There are a Lot Right Now

that want exactly that.  *wistful sigh*


I’m uncertain what the future holds

I look ahead in fear

Will I be broke, and alone?

Will I even have a home?

Why are my prayers postponed? 23 more words


A Lonely Garden ...

A little solitude can be a wonderful thing. It allows us to rejuvenate and pamper ourselves … dream … even take a snooze. If you’ve ever taken a quick escape to a garden bench … a porch swing … a hammock … a lake house, etc., then you know what I mean. 818 more words


Friends I've Missed

I miss the laughs we’ve had together

Sadly, now we’re just strangers

And friends change as relationships end

Why does it have to be that way? 31 more words


None Night Stand: When the Hook-Up Doesn't Catch

I don’t know at what point I was supposed to realise I’d gone too far, was it when I shouted my pin number at him across the bar, was it when I undid his shirt in front of his mates or was it when I put my hands down his trousers on the dance floor. 1,010 more words

Someone, Somewhere

Someone, somewhere gives

A DAMN what I have to say

Someone, somewhere want to

Know why I feel that way

Someone, somewhere won’t talk over me… 22 more words