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Chapter Fifty -- Six: The Garage

Lonnie drove the pickup without incident into town and up the alley to Cody’s old garage. He pulled L C out from the back of the pickup, chair and all. 260 more words

Pride and Prejudice

My Dad never told me that he was proud of me. Sure, when my brother Michael passed the bar and became a personal injury lawyer Dad threw a party at a ritzy hotel on the beach. 284 more words

Chapter Fifty -- Five: And Lonnie Makes Three

Lonnie did not turn the pickup lights on. He traveled over the hill in near darkness. He would like to have gone faster but felt being unseen was the best card he could play in the situation. 993 more words

Clues and Categories 12-2-14 [AUDIO] Motor City

Clues and Categories pits Mike against Melinda.  The ladies are up 1-0.  Will the fellas tie the week?




BEHIND THE SCENES vlog » https://youtu.be/rZQNIw0Am5c Lonnie plays a bunch of Super Nintendo (SNES) games! Games: Mortal Kombat, Super Mario World, Street Fi…

Talent Show 11-26-14 [AUDIO]

1) Shelton, 2) Dorthea and 3) Tia go head to head for a mid-week Talent Show. Call up and vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).


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