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Who Gives a Crap?

I’ve recently comes across a great brand of toilet paper, yes toilet paper, called Who Gives a Crap? I am an absolute sucker for pretty things and good branding, and these guys have it in bucketloads. 472 more words

6. Puppy Survival Kit

So here it is, the impaired puppy owner’s Holy Grail: a surprising list of items essential to your sanity during these first few months, and you’ll find most of them just lying around the house… 1,239 more words

Puppy Training

Loo roll shoot currupted 02/12/16

02/12/16 ┬áthis shoot corrupted …

so it went well and was quite effective however the images corrupted, there may only be a few days left but i have another idea several of my flatmates want to drink and i was going to use this as a second part to the shot, i think i will have to use this as the whole set, this could be ideal as i can have jack or ross in the image making the drink however this does mean that i have to order so this will be expensive i will see if i can make an effective set and if i do not have the full amount that i am unsure if i can do it in time and i refuse to fail and be kicked out of uni.

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loo roll 02/12/16


I think I have an effective plan, while listening to the beautiful “grandmother” from the neiR gestalt album, the song uses something that should be stupid, a language that is not real and because of the song should suffer however because it is played with no attention given to this it works so well at giving the piece an off feeling as well as being calm and collect yet sad and gives the moment it plays a angry nostalgia which works so perfectly for the moment it plays in as well as being a well constructed bit of foreshadowing. 69 more words

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Loo roll 20/11/16


My next plan was to take image with loo roll in trees however I dismissed this as many other people would do this and I thought that the idea was rather aesthetically displeasing, also the main way I would do this is a long exposure and this shows very little technical skill and as it is missing the two things that I would like to show in this I will stay away from the idea.

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loo roll 12/11/16


So I just tried the idea with emma and we tried many things, using brushes, fully submerging it attaching it to card rice paper even folding it about 5 times and stapled to thick card and while this was a slightly more effective system the layer dissolved to the point where the image was useless, while i did like the idea of a dissolved image of a homeless person showing how people forget about them however the image was for unrecognisable for this as such we both agreed that this method would not be used as this is likely a technical look at my ability, if this was not the case then I would do this again in the future.

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