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Regarding the luxurious arse-wiping asked about in AMT312, Phil from London writes:

I have great news, you too can shit like Simon Cowell and Russell Brand! 100 more words

Answer Us Back! Your Time To Opine

Ryanair Flight Takes Off Without Toilet Paper, Civilization Somehow Continues

European discount airline Ryanair has made headlines for reasons related to their bathrooms in the past: five years ago, we took note of their plan to… 282 more words

Airlines & Travel

The story behind Easter with Tissot and crafts

The Easter story, what is it all about? Let us, just for a moment, forget about the chocolate eggs, forget about the bunnies and go back to basics. 1,139 more words

Kids Project: Cardboard Tube Rocket

5…4…3…2…1… Blast Off! This project is a really good boredom buster for a wet sunday, a little rocket to launch your little space people into galactica! 16 more words


Bog standard

Let’s talk about recycling, not only recycling, but recycling already recycled stuff.  So, here’s the thing: My lovely sister is starting her seedlings off in cardboard loo roll middles.   54 more words


Flatmates are awful. Part 3. Aka The Poo Police.

As many of you may know and all of you will have definitely guessed my room tidiness standards fall somewhere between Rebecca Romijn’s character on friends and everyone whose ever been on the TV show ‘Hoarders’. 975 more words