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Photo: Steven Tyler Look-Alike Arrested

A dude dresses like a lady to hide from police and winds up looking like Steven Tyler??!!

A guy in Florida with a warrant tried to hide from police last week by dressing like a woman. 35 more words


Barack Obama Has A Real Life Twin That Will Blow Your Mind

Apparently, we as a country miss Barack Obama so much that we even get excited to see his look-alike.

Tour guide Jose Oliveira has been making headlines as the former President’s Cape Verde twin. 428 more words


LOL !!! How This Iranian Man Was Detained By Police For Looking Like Lionel Messi

So many people came out to take selfies with Parastesh in the western city of Hamadan over the weekend that the police rushed him into a station and impounded his car to stop the chaos and clear traffic. 250 more words


Reza Parastesh: An astonishing Lionel Messi lookalike

​Known as the ‘Iranian Messi,’ Reza Parastesh is recognised everywhere he goes on the streets of Teheran, thanks to his incredible resemblance to the Argentine


Some fans want Calum von Moger to be the next TERMINATOR T-800 Model 101.

At least once a month we receive an e-mail from someone in our Army of Terminator fans stating bodybuilder Calum von Moger should be cast as a Terminator. 345 more words

Arnold Schwarzenegger

One more before I sign off to bed, with a million things going on in my head, got some sweet satisfaction. I was looking at  facebook and discovered a picture of my daughter, Indra.

225 more words

Ryan Gosling Look Alike Hoax [VIDEO]

A man pretending to be Ryan Gosling accepted an award on his behalf at a German awards show. Do YOU think he looks like Ryan? 115 more words