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poem-not Justin

Tall, dark, curly haired, and smiling wide,

he poses against the Coast Mountains with a beautiful girl.

“Wait. Is that Justin Trudeau?” someone asks.

No. My daughter isn’t dating the (married) Prime Minister. 65 more words


Look -A-Likes Seated Next To Each Other On Flight

TRENDING (CBSDFW.COM) – Imagine checking into your flight and settling into your assigned seat to find a complete stranger sitting next to you — who looks exactly like you! 197 more words

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You Won't Believe Leonardo DiCaprio's Look-Alike

It’s said that everyone has a look-alike…or a “doppelgänger.”

There’s no doubt Leonardo DiCaprio has one now: and his name is Konrad Annerud.

Konrad’s a 21 year-old Swedish bartender: and his Instagram pictures have gone viral.  158 more words


Spy VS Spy - Leaf Hopper Style

When I saw these leaf hoppers facing off, I was brought back to childhood…

Back when I was a little kid, I got hooked on reading… 153 more words



I’ve read several articles (I am not linking them because they site no actual scientific evidence and are not totally 100% trustworthy sources) that say that babies look more like their dads at birth because evolutionarily speaking, mom’s know the baby is theirs because they gave birth to the baby, but the dad could in theory be anyone.   377 more words


Did ya’ll know that Don Cheadle had quit Hollywood and is now working at a funeral home in town??? LOL! Nah, you know that’s not true! 79 more words

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