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The Court of Turin ruled that shape of Ruinart champagne bottle has not distinctive character and rejected lookalike claims

The Court of Turin issued an interesting decision about the possibility to protect the shape of the bottle of the renowned Ruinart champagne (see the Italian text of the interim decision in the 2014… 637 more words


What Are The Odds You're Related To Your Doppelganger?

Twin Strangers is a website created by Ireland’s Niamh Geaney that helps members find and connect with their real-life doppelgangers from around the world. ¬†Since she began the website, Geaney has encountered two look-alikes, including a fellow Irish woman named Irene Adams. ¬† 149 more words


Sweet Dreams of you

Here’s the final watercolor for “Sweet Dreams of You”. Stole the title from that Pasty Cline song.

Movies have a great influence on my life, including my attraction to people. 885 more words

Erotic Series

Hummingbird Moth

This is one of the more bizarre creatures we have around here. They flit about just like hummingbirds, but when you look closely you see antennae and a furry body. 23 more words


18 Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

Drawings of pin up girls display the beauty of female body which some consider corrupting societal morality and public sexual display of women but we love them anyway, they are artistic! 22 more words

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Watch: Can a Stranger Look Exactly Like Me?

There are 7 billion people on the planet, making it fairly likely that someone, somewhere looks exactly like you! Is there a science behind Doppelgangers? Laci is here to discuss what happens in the brain when we see someone that looks identical to you. 204 more words