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Fall-Out Boy - Phoenix

This is definitely a favorite of mine by FoB…It’s kinda funny too; i’ve had people do double takes when they see Marth, cuz they say he looks like Patrick Stump…I definitely see it alot in this picture; it kinda gives me chills! 39 more words


Maks Adach's Spotted in College

by Maks Adach

Is Oriel College where all the celebs hang out? Or is it just graced with the identical twin of many a famous face? 36 more words


Just Thought This was Funny

I showed my dad some of my photography today, and when I showed him the close up of my cat Romeo, he said it looked like the cat associated with rapper, Too $hort. 40 more words


| separated at birth? |

Go ahead, tell me those two aren’t somehow related. That’s Bob from Bob’s Burgers on the left. And Blue-Footed Booby from the Galapagos on the right. 65 more words


No Good Deed...

While visiting my grandfather with my sister this past Sunday, I inadvertently destroyed his sink plug. I wanted to do something helpful, and he had a pile of dirty dishes that needed to be done (no dishwasher)…so I figured I’d get scrubbing. 219 more words


Does Calvin Harris Look Like Basil From The Great Mouse Detective?

Calvin Harris and Basil of Baker Street

Photo Credits: (Left) Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for GQ; (Right) Disney

Click the link and cast your vote. This is my first Buzzfeed post. 11 more words


These 3 Friends Are Trying To Find People In The World Who Look Exactly Like Them

This group of 3 friends is looking to find their “Twin Strangers!”

Harry, Niamh and Terence have given themselves the challenge of finding people who look exactly like them within one month. 87 more words