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HARDEST LOOK EVER... | new #lookdujour find the pieces at @farfetch #fashion #fashionblogger

OMG !!! LOVERS !!! This look du jour take me so long and now I’m so pissed off !!! I hate photoshop sometimes !!! AGGG the thing here is that I usually copy the image, I paste it on photoshop and I crop it, but sometimes when I’m working with white pieces, or even gray ones, I cannot use the ‘magic wand’ and I have to use the ‘pen’ and do other stuff… and sometimes when I use the stupid ‘quick selection’, is worse because photoshop think in a stupid way !!!! 581 more words


The cooking issue... | new #lookdujour find the pieces at @farfetch #fashion #fashionblogger

I’m going back to my roots !!! another day another night or whatever the song says hahaha Lovers, I have no idea what I’m going to eat today hahahaha “what an awesome post Alex” no, but seriously, I have no idea… and it’s a problem.. 629 more words


SO MANY LANGUAGES... | new #lookdujour find the pieces at @farfetch #fashion #fashionblogger

LA LA LA LA oh I wish I could speak hungarian… hahaha this is so random isn’t it? hahaha the thing is that a few weeks ago, maybe on September or something, I watched this film called Fehér isten (White God) and I loved it !!! 858 more words


... | new #lookdujour find the pieces at @farfetch #fashion #fashionblogger

Lovers… dear lovers, I don’t have the strength to write a post, I just can’t, I’ve been trying all day long, but at this point, I can’t go any further… I need to leave now, because I need to think and to clear my mind, also I need to go to the gym, maybe that will help… I don’t know, also I have to write an article… I’m feeling a bit weird and I’m hungry… this is not happening !!! 284 more words


Look du Jour - Cargo

Bonjour Mons Amis,

Sabe aquela roupa que a gente usava quando éramos mais jovens rsrsrsrsrs, então eu tinha loucura por um tipo calça, a cargo, e como sou fã de brechó eu achei uma maneira com uma amiga e achei a composição muito legal….. 12 more words

HALLOWEEN !!!! | new #lookdujour find the pieces at @farfetch #fashion #fashionblogger

LAAAA lovers, today is my last day here… hahahahaha but just for this week, because I’ll be back for more next week… LAAAA Lovers, tomorrow I won’t have time, or maybe I will, but I don’t want to be in a hurry, I want to take time to create my costume for my Halloween party, and I want to look perfect, and I don’t have many things yet, so I have to buy them… 875 more words