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Look du Jour 

Thursday night I put on a cheeky little number and headed off to MC a fashion show ….

I decided to mix things up a little and style my hair so it looked like I had a short style …. 53 more words


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Lovers, I’m sad, I wasn’t, but then I saw the news… and my heart is broken -spoiler alert – Dr Shepard died yesterday !!!! Yesterday I missed Grey’s Anatomy and now I’m reading everything about his death… I can’t lovers, I won’t… there won’t be a “look du jour today” I’m sorry, I’m really crying… I think… Sorry lovers, this is going to be the last post of the day and don’t expect to hear from me until Monday… 1,118 more words


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Lovers… la la la… that song of Sia made me feel a little bit bad, but then better… I know, sometimes I can be a bipolar or something… I am starting to think I should go to the psychologist, maybe it’s true and I need help… or pills.. 1,143 more words


Love Stairs| look


Hoje vim trazer mais um look que amei vestir, com as lindas peças que recebi da minha parceira PASSARELA no mês de Abril. Fotografei em um dia com muito vento, mas consegui salvar algumas fotos boas. 196 more words

Fashion | Moda

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Lovers… how are you? I’m better, I’m not fully recovered you know, but I’m trying, this thing inside me is trying to make me feel sad, but I won’t let it, I mean, I cannot give up, I need to trust and to keep fighting… There is not a perfect life, and if you want the perfect life, you have to fight for what you want, fight for your dreams, even when everything seems dark… at the end you will find the light… I think we have to, never give up, I have dreams and wishes, and I think if you give up, you are done… as they say, the only thing left is faith… otherwise we are done… 946 more words


Look du Jour - River

Morning muito peoples,

Para quem não emendou a semana como eu é que irá trabalhar hoje, um ótimo dia gente, é pra quem emendou só posso dizer que sinto muita inveja rsrsrsrs, no último dia que fiquei na cidade da mamis fomos passear um pouquinho e passei pelo Rio que corta a cidade, bom eu nunca tirei foto nesse rio, então resolvi fazer um post com ele. 22 more words

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Lovers, bonjour… Yes, today is not my day… I feel sick, but not like physically, I feel sick emotionally… I don’t know what is happening.. but early this morning I had an anxiety attack… and I was like nooo… I still have a few things… but you know, even when I don’t feel that well, you deserve fashion and I will give you that… this is why you are here, isn’t it?… what? 922 more words