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The biker jacket | new #lookdujour shop at @farfetch !!!! #fashion #fashionblog #moda

My lovers !!!! How you doing??? I’m very sad… hahahaha I’m just kidding, I am feeling amazing, I feel so good, and I don’t even know why… it’s weird, because the weather is so terrible, is so cloudy outside and it’s cold, and I’m not sure why, is SUMMER !!! 1,930 more words


Red lights | new #lookdujour shop at @farfetch !!!! #fashion #fashionblog #moda

Lovers this week has been very very quiet… I’m not sure if it’s because of the Olympics or what, but nothing has happened, and I’m like “kill me” hahahaha not literally but in general, I’ve been watching the competitions and I’m speechless lovers, first of all, because those athletes make me feel fat hahahaa and second because some of them are very very handsome !!!! 886 more words


To all my lovers !!!! | new #lookdujour shop at @farfetch !!!! #fashion #fashionblog #moda

LOVERS !!!!!! I’m very happy today for two reasons, first, because we are gonna have the soundtrack of “Stranger Things” and I cannot wait !!! While I was watching the series, it was one of my fav things, the music was on point and I loved it !!! 822 more words


The weather is crazy !!! | new #lookdujour shop at @farfetch !!!! #fashion #fashionblog #moda

LOVERS !!!! Welcome back !!! Oh yes lovers, is hump day and I am feeling good, for the first time in along time, I’m not hating this day, I’m not sure why, but the thing here is that I feel good, and of course I have some inspiration¬†for you!!! 951 more words


READY FOR #LCM | new #lookdujour shop at @farfetch !!!! #fashion #fashionblog

Lovers !!!! hahaha we have a date this friday !!! Yes lovers #LCM !!! LAAAA I’m so excited to see all the collections and all the crazy ideas !!! 280 more words


READY FOR THE FUTURE !!! | new #lookdujour shop at @farfetch !!!! #fashion #fashionblog

HOLA LOVERS !!!! how you doing?? I’m very excited because I just finished my book and I love it !!! LAAAA as you know, I was correcting this book I wrote and now it’s done and ready to be delivered to all the editorials and to a contest !!! 376 more words


Look du Jour

I had this very cute oversized wool dress I wanted to wear and what I better excuse then drinks with my friends.

I paired it with this 70’s vintage belt to sinch in my waist, my Louise Vuitton speedy and a pair snake skin Carvela heels. 18 more words

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