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More Exercise, Less Wrinkles!

Do you ever look at those grey haired women who otherwise look ageless and wonder, “How the f..?” Science! Bam! Hard work! Yes, of course genetics and whether or not that woman smoked in her life also play a large part but, let’s talk about why exercise keeps away wrinkles. 142 more words

Look Good & Feel Great! Learn How Now!

Look at this list above and if you checked off any of these items then you want to contact me or you want to CLICK HERE… 124 more words

Stem Cells

Jordan vs. Narcissism

I have often said that, as many a cliche have stated, that it’s not so much the physical appearance that matters, but the personality of a person. 804 more words

Weight Train Wednesday

Im gearing my workouts to strengthening more than cardio interval because I’m using my running as cardio and need to build strength in my quads to better support my knees for running. 352 more words


Benefits of Discount Sites

Many of us find that we get in the trend of shopping locally in big box stores like Target, K-Mart or the hell that is Wal-Mart (I never shop at Wal-Mart by the way, more on that later). 219 more words

Save Money

7 Tips To An Attractive 1st Impression

First impression can make or break any relationship, interview, or that big business deal. ┬áIt’s kind of like skydiving: you have to get it right the first time. 353 more words