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"Spruce Wayne"

Tomorrow, I’ll be in pursuit of a great dry cleaner. Why? Because it’s time I take my appearance to a consistent new level. As a person who admires and aspires to be a rat pack member it’s only right I pay homage to this legendary group by looking the part as best I can for as many days as I can. 149 more words


You're Beautiful, Darling

There comes a time in every girl’s life … shoot, who are we kidding, there comes multiple times in every girl’s life where we just look at our self and think BLAH. 982 more words


Ever feel you aren’t photogenic and can’t take a good photo? Taking good photos means knowing how to work the camera. With some knowledge of your body and understanding of what makes you look good, you can also look great in photos.


Okay, so we’ve all heard of the “dad bod”. But, let’s admit it ladies, there’s such thing as a “mom bod”, too. It exists, it’s there, and it’s not pleasant. 247 more words


If you haven’t heard of PoshMark by now, girl. Where have you been?! PoshMark is a super easy to use app that lets you buy and sell used, new, and even luxury items in just a few simple steps. 329 more words

Earn Money

How to Look Good in Pictures

Now is the season of the year that many celebrations and parties are happening, and we cannot run away from taking pictures and posting them on social media. 620 more words