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My Acne Reality

I am going to be honest with you guys because what would this blog be if it wasn’t about honesty?

Well, if you have met me you know I got them adult acne scars and pimples. 677 more words


Show up to life everyday

It’s Wednesday, the middle of the work week and you just don’t care anymore. Or it’s Monday – the rest of the world is groaning so why bother putting in an effort. 675 more words

The most affordable and versatile pants I own and recommend for every man to have at least 1 pair 

So if you’ve read my first post, and are reading this, you’re probably like me. It takes you forever to shop because you never wear the same size, even within the same brand of jeans or pants. 517 more words

Men's Fashion And Style

Woes of a Babyface

Guy at the restaurant I worked at: “Why are you carrying those beers? Aren’t you like 18?”

Me: “Nope, actually I’m 22.”

Him: “No way! You could pass for 16.” 296 more words



This blog is about getting in shape for your cruise. I’ve found that having a goal while trying to lose weight or build muscle is a great way to stay motivated. 546 more words

it's not fat, it's weight

Funny story for today. A coworker, whose first language is not English, commented that I’d lost my baby fat quickly and then asked if I was exercising. 287 more words


Working out like a CMF

Ok so there you are, you’ve watched “Fight Club” for the first time in a long time and you’ve decided that you have to work out and get back in shape. 1,177 more words