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Here's What Nintendo's HQ Looked Like In 1889

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Nintendo’s original headquarters in Shimokyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, in 1889, the year of the company’s founding. Photo: City of Kyoto

It’s well-known that Nintendo was originally founded in Kyoto, Japan as a maker of playing cards in 1889. 316 more words


How the government shutdown debacle looked to the rest of the world

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The US government shutdown was, of course, massive international news — it’s essentially the world’s most powerful country and its largest economy going haywire. 836 more words


How Hawaii’s Emergency Alert System’s interface SHOULD have looked

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Honolulu Civil Beat managed to get a screenshot of the system that was used to accidentally launch the wrong emergency alert. It’s an absolute mystery why such a high-impact task has an absolutely horrible interface: 336 more words


Nick Nolte on His Infamous 2002 Mug Shot: I Looked 'Like an Asylum Inmate Out for a Lark'

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© Koury Angelo On a recent afternoon at Nick Nolte‘s sprawling Malibu compound, the bushy-bearded 76-year-old actor takes a long slug from a coffee mug, stuffed with four bags of green tea, and talks about the day he was arrested for driving under the influence of GHB — and… 464 more words


6 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

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Health experts love to say that sitting is the new smoking. Given the number of diseases to which sitting is linked, and the number of people it apparently kills every year, sitting is one of the worst things we can do for health. 1,322 more words

Money Matters

I looked into whether 12-step treatment programs work. There are no easy answers.

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Rae Steward, a 33-year-old from California, struggled with alcohol and drug addiction as early as age 14. But it got really bad in her late teens and early 20s. 4,013 more words