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Have you looked at your SSI Profile lately?

Not just about, but always related to, diving
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Just Looked At The Weather And Now Panicking!

Soooo I just looked at the weather and it s suppose to snow this week, starting on the day I have therapy. Snow isn t that common here and everything shuts down. 82 more words


Has anyone in here looked into Mandala s, particular coloring? It s something I happened across and am now getting fascinated with. If you look at nature- circles are a huge part of it and the symbolic meaning of circles is powerful too. 59 more words

[Poem][Looked at You]

Looked At You

There was one day when I looked at you

I don’t remember which day it was

But I know this is fact, 100 percent right… 56 more words


Smiling in Photographs

Have you ever looked at old photographs and wondered why people never used to smile when getting their picture taken? I have wondered this for years, but after doing a little research, I’ve come up with a few good reasonsRead More

New Flashback Experience

Today i had a new experience with flashbacks. I looked up on a shelf at my mother s house where she keeps a beautiful sculpture of a woman in repose i saw that she had added a strip of ivy and festive greenery over it . 68 more words

looked part

saw the other view

and how it was packaged

and its own overblown

and the sentence

and how it was the themes of the reactions… 47 more words