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When The Music Died

Sally’s Place — the last record store in Westport — closed 2 years ago. It marked the end of an era, for devoted fans like Keith Richards and all the rest of us regular Joes. 390 more words


My Miscarriage

Before long the anniversary of my miscarriage will be here. November 5th…12 years ago I lost my son. How horrible of a day that was…and weeks and even months following that day. 137 more words

'Alternate world. Alternate age. Alternate life'

‘Alternate world. Alternate age. Alternate life …

Oh-oh we’ll shed our skin, We’ll walk the other side. Oh-oh we’ll brace for it, And conquer everything. Oh-oh-oh, And conquer everything ..’ 537 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

"If We Only Knew"

A timeless statement. One that has undoubtedly been spoken since humans have been aware of themselves and their surroundings. I can’t remember all the times I have either said, or at least thought, “if only I would have known, I would have….. 297 more words


Looking Back Quink Ink

Do you remember

I just loved the smell of the ink

Have you still got your fountain pen

Parkfield Labour Club

LOOKING BACK: At sea with the Hunter family

LAST week we talked about Neil Mattingly’s increasing collection of Claud Hider photographs, which included some of Tom Hunter and his family.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/1Q3EDGl


LOOKING BACK: The strangers who changed lives in the wartime years

CONTINUING our series on the Great War, today we’re looking at the influx of strangers as soldiers arrived in this part of Dorset during wartime. 9 more words