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02.02.16 | she won't fit here much longer

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It won’t be long before she can’t squeeze herself into the top of the shopping cart any more. My little baby girl is growing up. :-(


Standing On Air |Calgary Tower|

21.11.2015 Standing on Air |Calgary Tower

Accompanying Fiction:
People tend to look up and question: is it a bird, a plane, or perhaps Superman? But being up here, I look down and I can’t help but think that no-one should have this much power. 22 more words


Looking Up and Down

At times of despair looking up(to god or humans) is always better than looking down.

Looking Down From the Roof Cleaning Solar Panels

With electric bills soaring to over $700 a month in the hot San Joaquin Valley summer, we switched to solar several years ago. Dust deposits cut back on their efficiency by about 13% according to my husband who watches the bill carefully. 110 more words


Looking down

Risen areas have always made me feel very nervous about looking down as I could possibly fall however looking from this angle changed my view and brought it to light how beautiful something can be when its looked upon from a different angle. 39 more words