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Looking down - Shark, shark! 

Don’t forget to look down!

You may well miss little pieces of amazing art, hidden on walls near the ground 🦈


Text Neck Syndrome & Chiropractic

Text Neck Syndrome & Chiropractic

The Modern Sore Neck

You may have noticed a new buzzword in health news recently: Text neck.

See How to Avoid Neck Pain from Texting… 2,215 more words


Week 36: Pattern

Since we bought yearly passes we may as well enjoy the lighthouse. Every so often we hop on the motorcycles and go on a date to the lighthouse.  49 more words

Looking down on things.....

Looking down is the topic for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge.   I found some photos I took from various viewpoints, such as the top of some stairs, the top of a castle, the top of a mountain…… 79 more words