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Not sure if this will be a temporary or permanent post.

I was going to put a comment on the Community Pool, but it’s not open this week, so I thought I’ll just create this post and maybe link it later. 75 more words

That Horrible Feeling You Get When the Guy Who has Just Told You He Likes You, but isn't Ready for a Relationship is Back on Pof

It feels like a punch to the gut!

So I saw ‘Single Dad’ on Pof today. I was angry so I messaged him (fairly calmly) about it. 57 more words

I Don’t Understand Casual, But I Promise I’m Fearless When It Comes To Love

“I just want casual,” I say, twirling my hair around my finger in a way that I hope seems relaxed, playful. “No rules. No obligations. No silly commitments. 1,036 more words

Close Calls

Helen wasn’t especially brilliant and not even beautiful. And she wasn’t overly interested in pleasing guys, much less pursuing them but they liked her immediately, or at least always thought they liked her. 3,618 more words