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Looking for love? THIS is the perfect weekend?!

“Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.” -Maya Angelou

It may seem counterintuitive to think a weekend made for lovey-dovey couples is the weekend to go out, but let me tell you a little story that may change your mind. 947 more words

Blah, blah..is that all there is?

It’s Sunday morning. A dear friend woke me from my strange dream and sleep in with a phone call and whilst I love her to death and she knows I am there for her no matter what, this morning my mind was not ready for the first world problems I heard. 927 more words

Karen Ramirez - Troubled Girl

Gosh, the 90s were cruel. My pop hopes were raised and dashed more in this decade than in any other, as potentially amazing star after potentially amazing star teetered briefly on the edge of popularity before vanishing, leaving only a couple of great records and if they were very lucky, a solitary berth on a volume of… 450 more words

Pop Music

Looking For Love (Main Dhoondnay Ko Zamaanay Main) Zack Knight ft Arjit Singh

To download click :



Click the download option a link will open go to it and right click the download option labelled as… 63 more words


Two questions for the single

Why is it that we are expected to ultimately (and happily!) end up with someone? And it’s as if something about us is flawed if we grow old single or if we don’t end up in happy relationships? 1,561 more words

Being Gay In The Philippines


The only way I felt alive was on a bet

to put a gun to my head and play Russian Roulette.

The thrill

of steel… 135 more words

Creative Writing/Short Stories

Into the Fire

He sends me pictures to make me laugh, quotes that he knows I’ll understand and appreciate the meaning of. I know he’s watching me sometimes, when he doesn’t seem to be. 401 more words