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Thoughts 7/28/2016

Remember the rickets?

And the bubbles?

As of a week ago I could barely remember how those two things felt.

And on a whim I initiated spending time with a guy that I barely know, and suddenly I feel again. 145 more words

Looking For Love

I Can't Wait To Fall In Love But I'm Doing Just Fine Without It

I have a dream. My dream is not nearly as important or memorable as Martin Luther King Jr.’s; my dream won’t be taught to generations of students as the pinnacle of justice and empowerment. 718 more words

Mr Friday Lunch Time.

Let me just state, this was a total non-date. Infuriatingly.

So, across the road from the shop I work in there is an estate agents. The guy that runs it is super fucking hot, and super fucking married. 138 more words

Worst Online Dating Compliments

I’m going to keep updating this post with the odd things guys have said to me online!

One guy said I was a “vampire” (apparently because I look like I never age). 6 more words

Online Dating

Rude Boy

Soooooo I made a really funny mistake yesterday.

I saw what I thought was a penis photo on a profile and I was all ready to report it. 128 more words

Online Dating

My dates with 'Soon-to-be-Divorced Guy'

So I’ve been on two more dates with a new guy. As you may have guessed from the title, he’s separated from his wife and soon to be divorced. 302 more words

Online Dating

Here's The Heartbreaking Truth About Why Modern Relationships Are So Easily Discarded Today

Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants that experience of having someone see straight through to their very core and know them beyond the surface of their masks. 1,091 more words