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And from the UK....

I received this online dating site email from someone claiming to be from the UK.  To my British friends, I assure you, I don’t consider this person representative of your lovely people and culture. 29 more words

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Sorry for your loss, but no, I am not the one for you

I think this dating site letter was trying to play on my sympathies.  Well, I feel bad for you.  But no, I am not interested in dating someone who lives 700 miles away and who cannot speak English or use punctuation. 98 more words

Online Dating


I come from a very colorful history. I was with a guy, on and off, for about six years. I can’t say we were dating because “dating” implies labels. 339 more words


A Love without End

How, can love not end, I mean, NOTHING is built to last forever, unless you’re talkin’ ‘bout plastic!

A love without end, wouldn’t that be nice!  228 more words


I'm Not The Girl Looking For Love

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?” my grandmother asks me on one of my trips home from college. “I don’t want one” I reply. She then rolls her eyes and says, “That’s no excuse for a girl like you.” What does that mean? 897 more words

He wants me to talk to myself?

This dating site letter writer seems to want me to talk to myself.

“- I am excited if you’re the one to hear from you! 20 more words

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Fighting temptation - A workplace challenge

For those that may have read my previous posts, I had a brief but hot and heavy relationship with a fellow colleague. The Hipster.

This was very much a secret relationship in the fact that no one ever found out about it in the office. 391 more words

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