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'Til Love Finds You: Find God

Wow! Time does really fly. I haven’t even noticed that it’s been more than a year since my last post and, indeed, a year can do so much to a person. 679 more words


The Love Adventure: Past Sell-By Date

What does falling in love feel like? I don’t remember. I am not talking about sex. I am not talking about the compromises people make for companionship. 717 more words

Times, They Are A-changing

What Are You Looking For?

I used to be a hopeless romantic, before I got jaded

When Bey and Jay wrote Drunk In Love, I was hoping that I could also be faded… 383 more words


The soul is tired of wandering around, trying to save pieces of love. Maybe it should set itself free now.


Searching for My Better Whole: When 1/2 Just Won't Do

Love is a funny thing. We say things, like he’s my better-half, not really knowing what that means. To love half of a person is great undertaking. 577 more words


#ThrowbackThursday Fiction: Once Upon an Alcoholic's Dream

Dear Craigslist,

I never thought I’d get this lonely. That you and this half-emptied Jack Daniels would be my only companions. My pint of Coke fizzled away after I mixed it all, downed it with whiskey. 294 more words


Adam & Eve - Love & Sex

Simple Truth

One of life’s tragedies is that people have got the story of Adam & Eve all back to front and millions and millions of people actually believe that the original sin was sex but this couldn’t be further from the truth and when you look at it this way then you begin to see that most people haven’t even read the story of Adam & Eve! 739 more words