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First of all let me start by telling you I am not depressed.

I have suffered from depression in the past, since my mid teens actually, and I am now proud to tell the world that I am currently over it. 578 more words

The Desert Run [Journal 6-19-17]

Bastion – The End.

It takes me quite some time to get the point of this post. There are just many factors to address. Though perhaps contrary to the evidence on this blog, I’m not one to hinder progress with dramatics. 1,208 more words

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Looking for Love

To the idea of Love, I was never a warrior of love. I never had a love in my life. Not a cheek to caress, not a cradle to swing. 262 more words


Finding love begins within.

Do you hope that finding love will make you feel whole?  Are you waiting to meet your soul mate before you can fully love yourself and be truly happy? 308 more words

Are you waiting to find love before you follow your dreams and desires?

What are the dreams and desires you have, that you’re currently putting on hold?

Perhaps you’d like to: –

Do I need to lose weight when I'm looking for love?

In short, the answer is No!

But I know how easy it can be to blame your lack of a partner on the size of your thighs.  339 more words

Love online....?

This picture made me laugh so much because it’s true!!! We get images in our head of who we are speaking to and often this image is far from the truth 😂

Online Dating