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Three That I Can Do (2016)

1. Read.
2. Write.
3. Create.
To suddenly plant a seed-
To create, on the spot, whatever
it is that you may


how being underemployed can result in a whole lot of wasted time

I am underemployed. If I could just be paid for the time I waste looking for work, I’d have a healthy five-figure salary.

I work freelance, and for the duration of the time I’ve had little ones–and not so little ones–at home, it’s been a great thing. 1,050 more words

The Dreaded L Word: Leads

No one plans to be in the position I am in now with the industry currently very un-boomy, but I still think there are some positives. 1,647 more words


3 months in....

I wasn’t able to pack up my room entirely in murrieta before I came up here. I dread how dusty things must’ve gotten. I also hope that my dear Chin (my Chinese Algae Eater) whom I took to Petco the day before I left was able to find a new home and is thriving. 992 more words

Here We Go!

The great experiment in life/work balance has begun! Let’s see if I can juggle all the flaming torches life will throw at me.

My limited amount of money I have been using to get by is running out. 532 more words


Day 1: In the Beginning

Having tried blogging several times before about various and sundry topics (dating, photography, “a day in the life”, etc.), I think I’ve finally found it. I think my current state of unemployment has  28 more words


Job Loss; A Sad Story

Yesterday I had an unscheduled meeting with someone I’d been working closely with about two months ago as she went about looking for work. As she approached me I could quickly surmise that she had bad news to share from both the surprise of her visit and her body language. 858 more words

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