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Are you unprepared for the workforce?

Do you understand what employers are looking for? Are you a student with a part-time job or a recent graduate in a new job who perhaps feels a ‘disconnect’ between the expectations of your manager and your expectations? 284 more words

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Finding meaningful work in disruptive times

Are you a recent graduate looking for work, and struggling with the traditional methods of applying? Are you supporting a recent graduate who is looking for work? 405 more words

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Job searching? Activate Your Network

Have you ever had someone ask you to keep your eyes and ears open for any employment opportunity they would be qualified for? If you have, how did you – or how are you – going about keeping them in mind as you go about your day? 865 more words

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Getting Help With Your Resume? Think On This

As an Employment Counsellor, I constantly get asked the question, “Will you help me do my resume?” I have learned that for some people at any rate, what the question they are really asking me is, “Will you do my resume?” They omit the key words, “help me”. 867 more words

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7 ways to prevent burnout in the job search

Here’s a story about a man I knew years back. His name was Ted and he was in his sixties, failing in health, and had a frail wife at home. 930 more words

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Job Searching And Company Reserach

The curious thing about researching a potential employer is how poorly most of us do it. I’ve been as guilty of this in the past as I suspect you may have been yourself; but in today’s job market, it’s downright critical. 879 more words

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Job Searching? Make Some Noise

So you’re looking for work. Aside from yourself and your immediate family, who knows you’re back on the job search hunt? Are you going about things keeping your search to yourself or have you let everyone know? 902 more words

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