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Job Hunting Toolkit

Before cranking out resumes like you’re the human version of a t-shirt cannon, know (and accept) that job hunting takes time, patience, time, networking, time, research, time. 1,171 more words

Career Change

Good news, but all for the wrong reasons

Those of you that have been friends with me for a while know that I was eager to move back to Lincoln after spending most of the last six years away, well in March 2018 I finally got my wish, but it certainly wasn’t as I would have hoped. 746 more words


You're not hired!

Back in the days when the hope was still real, I got a call about a job I didn’t particularly want. Naturally, despite myself, I agreed to an interview. 246 more words


Master of none

Generic stock image from Pixabay today – I couldn’t think of an image that would fit the post so off to the stock images I went. 835 more words


Is A Cyber Career Right For Me?

Is A Cyber Career Right For Me? This workshop will benefit job seekers starting a career as well as those transitioning to a new career. This workshop is designed to guide the participants through a candid assessment of their aptitudes, interests, and preparation for a cyber career. 123 more words

Success Creators

Tips for looking for a job after cancer

Looking for a job can be daunting at the best of times, let alone after you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness. At Shine, we know that work is hugely important to younger adults (not least because we need the cash), and we’ve got some really useful resources on… 1,046 more words

Cancer In Young Adults

The Hunt Continues

I may have to give up on my goal of moving into my own place next month. I’m continuing to apply for jobs in the area and not getting anywhere. 1,082 more words