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I went to a job fair this morning up at TAMUG (Texas A&M University at Galveston). They’ve been making a lot of changes since I was there last time. 892 more words


On Second Thought...

I’m going to quit a job.

Even saying this out loud terrifies me. Who am I to voluntarily give up earning money? By what right am I able to tell an organization that is paying me that I don’t want to work with them anymore? 428 more words

The Neverending Job Search

By Maile Skye

I’ve been on the job hunt on and off for about seven years. I worked a restaurant job that I adored for over five of those years, but every few months I would put my feelers out, looking for an opportunity that would offer me more stability. 419 more words

Restaurant Workers

A Work in Progress

By Alyson McHargue

I started my new job this past week at a home accessories store here in LA.

Now, for you to fully understand the weight of that statement, you need to understand I’ve been job searching for a good 6 months fulltime here in Los Angeles. 811 more words

Retailing Workers

Hey friends, work is drying up after a few hectic weeks & months.

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Getting work experience - being speculative - a student perspective

As a careers consultant, students often ask me about how to find internships, work experience, summer work, relevant experience……etc. Into the ensuing discussion I often float the idea of being… 139 more words

General Interest

How connecting with a recruitment agency can help your business grow?

Every time you plan an expansion, the first thing you look for is adding some great people to your team. The team you work with makes all the difference, their cohesive forces are the driving force behind your business and without them it would be more than an uphill task to keep the ball rolling. 284 more words