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The hands-on approach

The weather today definitely matches what’s going on inside me. Today has to be coldest day so far this year (I know it’s hard for those of you experiencing summer to imagine). 237 more words



I am at a crossroad. I have to make a decision on which path to take. This is one of those moments I will look back on and see that it’s at this point that my life changed direction. 157 more words


Clean Slate

Sometimes I feel like a fraud. My friends tell me how great I am and all I can think of is how messed up I truly am. 152 more words


SPEAKEASY – Dream a little Dream of Dreams

When we first meet John and Jane Allison in the musical Speakeasy they are making love. We don’t see them actually.  The lights are out.  We just hear them, some faint sounds of intimacy followed by a post-coital conversation in the dark, until Jane turns on the bedside lamp. 1,419 more words



We have no proper looking glass
that shows us clear
the future. . .

nor can our
naked eyes foresee,
nor minds fore-sew
the nature and direction… 68 more words


Mirror, You Can Kiss My (Looking Gl)ass

The mirror and I have a Hate Relationship. Yes, I said it correctly. There is no Love between us. I have perfected the art of looking in the mirror without truly seeing myself. 1,012 more words

la douleur exquise

 “…and I will give up this fight, ’cause I can’t make you love me if you don’t.”

It’s the fact that I can torture myself hoping for all the possibilities that may never be. 48 more words
Looking Glass