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Anxiety/Panic attacks

Anxiety is not the same thing as feeling anxious. Normal people will feel anxious when you have a test or you like someone and are nervous to speak to them. 272 more words


Day 28: The Lizard and the Looking Glass

A small lizard wanted to know what he really looked like. He had seen his reflection in pools of water, but he wasn’t convinced they were quite accurate. 430 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

Through the Looking Glass

At the beach, in the park, or even in the alley behind the abandoned warehouse, step through the looking glass. You never know what you might see! 8 more words


Alice's beginning.

So I’m always being told that I should write about my life… Some of it’s been pretty crappy and some of it has been absolutely amazing. 49 more words

The Journey Begins

Our journey begins….The Metaverse

We will be exploring these virtual worlds much the same as Alice did when she tumbled down the rabbit hole or stepped through the looking glass into a fascinating unbelievable world. 22 more words

Squeeze Those...

The room is dark and hazy. Pedals whir. Bright eyeballs and shiny teeth glow in the eerie blue light. I smile and say hello to everyone even though I recognize no one. 697 more words

Discovering Me