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Looking Glass: Travel by Bifrost

Last week, we were graced with the newest entry into the Thor movie franchise, Thor Ragnarok. Since THOR is my favorite MCU franchise because I like mythology and fantasy stories, I was very excited to return to Asgard and the comic book version of all things Norse myth. 588 more words


Through the looking Glass

Take my hand, one step after another
Leading up the stairs
I am here to hold your hand, no need to bother

The past downstaires, it stays behind… 43 more words


Looking Glass: Stranger Things

Part of my intention with this blog has been to find adventure even at home, and in the show Stranger Things, terrifying adventure finds the characters in their own backyards. 238 more words


Verbal Intention

Verbal Intention
by Michael Romani

The word is miserable and flimsy
But I cannot help stealing the word
The word that speaks is mimsy
A word that was two and then blurred
At Lewis Carroll's sharp whimsy
It's a looking glass world filled with whimsy

It doesn't take a kleptomaniac
Nor even a wayward neophile
It sometimes just takes the knack
Of a weary bibliophile
Who somehow cannot find the right word
And suddenly, in a snap, it has occurred

It only takes a few well placed proto-logisms
Scattered around to grow into the neologism
That help foment the thoughts
Which become the memes that yesterday brought
There within our semantic extensions 
Is the beginning of all verbal inventions

(c) October 23, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved
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