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Jill and Steve, Sept 23rd, 2016, LA River and Garden Center.

Jill and Steve couldn’t have picked a more magical venue to celebrate the beginning of their lives together. Surrounded by twinkling lights, bubbling fountains and flowers in full bloom; This couple absorbed every moment of it with bright smiles and warm hearts. 26 more words


September 25, 2016 Brandy, Such A Fine Hit

Looking Glass, Looking Glass, Epic KE-31320, 1972

By far one of the most popular one hit wonder hits of all time is Brandy.  I would bet money that it’s been played on the air every day since it was released in May, 1972. 270 more words

Deara and Armando, August 27th 2016 - Natural History Museum

Deara has been a long time client of ours and we were so honored to be apart of her special day with new husband Armando! This beautiful wedding took place over the course of two days, the first day being a Nigerian cultural ceremony. 72 more words

Los Angeles

Stephanie and Shane, August 7th, 2016. FantaSea Yacht Club

Stephanie and Shane made their vows within the subtle whisper of the ocean breeze and overlooking the rumbling waves at Chase Park in Marina Del Rey. 73 more words

Los Angeles

As I am

For a moment there, I forgot who I was. I got lost. What was worse, I didn’t know that I was lost. Something deep inside of me would however keep nudging me, telling me that there was more to my story. 152 more words


Collection of Happy Moments

This makes me smile. Creatures, color, and pretty things. There is something inspiring about the graceful movement of flowers swaying in the breeze, bees buzzing around the petals, and animals grazing with their little ones. 18 more words

Pen, Paper And Petals

Red, White & Blue

Stand Up and Salute those who give us Freedom. Be a thankful and proud American.

Thank you to the soldiers, Vets, the police, and first responders who give of themselves daily to keep us safe. 9 more words

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