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Through the Looking Glass

When I need silence, the noise helps. The mundane sounds of people’s days, the noises of the vehicles passing by, the sounds of the world. It felt good to be part of a crowd, yet lost. 558 more words

Unruffled Writing

There is something about conquering that blank page with an unruffled mind. Family life, work, bills, making sure everyone is fed and breathing, tends to clog up the mind. 111 more words

Pen, Paper And Petals

Crimson & Gold

It’s time for Mother Natures summer finale. Sad to see the beautiful flowers and the thick canopy of green to fade, but the burst of the finest colors is ours to drink in.  11 more words

Pen, Paper And Petals

Looking Glass

On reflection

your cutting words

are looking glass

shards, mirroring

your own splintered

crystalline heart.

©Jacqui Slade