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Looking Glass Movie Review- Take A Peek At This!!

This thriller is for the voyeur in you. It stars Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney. Both actors have given us far more memorable roles then… 279 more words


Looking Glass by Andrew Mayne - The Naturalist #2

I received this novel as an advance copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

I remember reading The Naturalist, and not enjoying it too much. 516 more words


Looking Glass

Year: 2018
Directed by: Tim Hunter
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Robin Tunney, Marc Blucas, Ernie Lively

Written by Tom Sheffield

The latest addition to Nicolas Cage’s CV,  … 794 more words


Jabberwock Slayer Retrospect

Sketchy Tutorial 2

Before drawing the slayer I was to paint on canvas, I sketched him on paper. It’s a good way to develop a better sense of what one is doing. 69 more words


Jabberwock: In COLOR!

Step 5 – by
R.S. Pickman.

Over the last few decades, many dark works have had a muted blue or grey shade.
I do like that look, for it sets an appropriately bleak tone. 90 more words


Walk The Jabberwock, Talk The Jabber Talk.

Step 4 – by
R.S. Pickman.

We’ve reached a midpoint on this leg of the journey through the looking-glass.
My painting hand may cramp terribly toward the end of each night’s work, but I started this endeavor, and I will bloody well finish it! 90 more words


Shadow of the Jabberwock

Step 3 – by
R.S. Pickman.

What’s that, whiffling and burbling through the Tulgey Wood?
Dare we draw nigh this creature for a clearer view? 78 more words