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My Final Blog Post: Groups And Most Importantly, Racial Groups, Diving Deep Into My Own Stereotype.

I think about life and how we are each divided into little groups since the first day we take our first breath to the last day where we close our eyes and see nothing again. 2,199 more words

Winter 2017

She Was Sick

A year before we conceived our first child, G, I got a phone call telling me that Mother was sick. I hadn’t spoken to her in a year or so, and my gut told me that I needed to get back home. 682 more words


No use in arguing with the reflection...

Beginning meditation is like looking into a mirror.

Maybe we like what we see, maybe we don’t.

Either way, no use in arguing with the reflection.

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Don't Look Now


Don’t look now

Looking in the mirror back then

Brillecreamed hair all slicked back

A wave  of North Shore envy

Curving around my head… 83 more words


Declassify the Evidence of Russian Hacking!

Excerpt from: The Nation  

by The Nation, DECEMBER 21, 2016

The debate over possible intervention in the election should be based on publicly disclosed evidence, not unverifiable, anonymous leaks. 1,193 more words


25 - I should really start adulting now

Ok, I just turned 25 years old like two weeks ago. That’s quarter of a century. Halfway to 50. That’s the moment when you realise, you’re closer to 30 than that sweet old 20, when you decided you should be an adult by now. 460 more words

Looking In The Mirror

Age Old Story

As I washed my hands in the bathroom I looked up into the mirror to see someone who looked vaguely like me
Hair once as brown as the rain drenched ground, now less peppered than salted… 217 more words