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a few of my favorite things

For I, too, am a serious student of cartoons.

— B. Collins

Ub Iwerks

March 24, 1901 – July 7, 1971

Here’s a simple question: Would there be a Walt Disney without Ub Iwerks?

Here’s a complicated answer: Yes…but probably not the Disney we know today. 296 more words

Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills

Ray of Light: Trump's Pardoning May Be Like a Slot Machine

The likelihood of any individual being pardoned by Trump will be affected by Trump’s craziness, unreliability and lack of loyalty. It will be like a slot machine. 234 more words


This is a very long post title naming my five favorite fictional characters of all time

This is a list of my five characters.

  1. My first character is Patrick Star.  He is one of my favorites because he is really dumb.
  2. 57 more words
Daffy Duck

Rubbing it In

As an NC State Wolfpack fan, I’ve experienced my share of disappointment when it comes to football, among other sports.

So when UNC’s football team doesn’t perform up to snuff, I can relate. 194 more words


Friz Freleng

August 21, 1906 – May 26, 1995

Legendary, Academy Award winning animator, Isadore Freleng – known to his friends as “Friz” – was responsible for the creation and/or development of some of the most recognizable American cartoon characters of all time: Porky Pig, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety, Yosemite Sam among others. 200 more words

Hillside Memorial Park

The Joker Daffy Duck #1

I’m catching up on a few of the books I’ve looked at recently over at Impulse Gamer.

I chose this book just because I like the idea of reading different things.  138 more words