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Quest for a Good Life

I remember picking up the keys at the lawyer’s office, opening the front door, and walking in for the first time, my dog, Buster, at my side. 286 more words

Flash Fiction

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Battle Creek, The First Battle in The Willamette Valley

Battle Creek, in Salem, is the location for perhaps the earliest conflict between the tribes in the Willamette Valley and the settlers, in early August 1846 (Oregon Spectator article August 6, 1846). 879 more words

Wednesday Wonders: Young Clarinet Player Wins Award Named After a Clarinet Playing Doctor

Special Note: This is a piece I wrote¬†for the Puyallup Valley Community Band, a group I rehearse and perform with throughout the year. It’s a wonder to me that music can mean so much to so many at all ages.¬† 371 more words

Night of the Moon

The full moon was up in the sky

Coquettish beauty, she was no shy.
She was reigning over the night
Silvery footprints, a mesmeric sight. 9 more words


Slipping away

Really feel like I’m withdrawn from everything. I’ve no interest in my children and to play with them which really upsets me. I want the bond and love back that I’ve had over the 2 years with him. 50 more words

15th feb

I’ve not posted in a while. I got out of hospital on the 1st Feb so it’s been a road of trying to recover from postnatal psychosis. 134 more words