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What is the Opposite of a Black Hole and Can it Exist?

Back when Einstein was developing his field equations for general relativity, he was able to mathematically prove the existence of stellar bodies that contained infinite mass, what we now know today as black holes. 808 more words


Some features of the Cosmos in Loop Quantum Gravity

By Parampreet Singh, Louisiana State University, USA

A successful union of Einstein’s general relativity and quantum theory is one of the most fundamental problems of theoretical physics. 872 more words


5th meeting - intro to LQG (02/11/17)

During the fifth meeting Alessandro Iannone and Damiano Zanetti presented a brief introduction to loop quantum gravity (LQG), the purpose was not to give an exhaustive overview on the subject but rather to heuristically introduce the formalism. 504 more words

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Black and White Hole Twins Connected by Quantum Gravity

By Javier Olmedo, Sahil Saini and Parampreet Singh

Black holes are perhaps the most exotic objects in our Universe with very intriguing properties. The event horizon does not allow light and matter to escape, and hides the central singularity. 922 more words


Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity by Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli is an Italian theoretical physicist whose previous book, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, was a bestseller. In this one, he tells a familiar story: the history of physics from ancient Greece to the present day. 398 more words


Can observations determine the quantum state of the very early Universe?

by Ivan Agullo, Abhay Ashtekar and Brajesh Gupt

Can observations determine the quantum state of the very early Universe?

Can we hope to know even in principle… 1,034 more words


Are you going to Loops' 17?

At the beginning of next week Jennifer Sanders and I will be representing the CQG editorial team at the Loops’ 17 conference at the University of Warsaw in Poland. 84 more words