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Can observations determine the quantum state of the very early Universe?

by Ivan Agullo, Abhay Ashtekar and Brajesh Gupt

Can observations determine the quantum state of the very early Universe?

Can we hope to know even in principle… 1,034 more words


Are you going to Loops' 17?

At the beginning of next week Jennifer Sanders and I will be representing the CQG editorial team at the Loops’ 17 conference at the University of Warsaw in Poland. 84 more words


Mystery Of God II "Science VS Faith"

You know what, am beginning to write this article fully aware that 50% of those who will react to it won’t even read it, and of the 50% who will actually read, only 10% will look up the facts. 677 more words


Not what it seems

There are many outstanding books explaining the latest developments at the frontiers of theoretical physics to general audiences. This is not an easy thing to do, but the physicists who have stepped up tend to be very good writers and expositors: I am thinking of people like Roger Penrose, Julian Barbour, and Lee Smolin. 897 more words


Teori String Bertemu Loop Quantum Gravity

Oleh: Sabine Hossenfelder
12 Januari 2016
Sumber: www.quantamagazine.org

Dua calon utama “theory of everything”, yang sudah lama dianggap tidak serasi, mungkin merupakan dua sisi mata uang yang sama. 1,617 more words


Bukti Pendukung Teori String di Alam Semesta Palsu

Oleh: Natalie Wolchover
18 Februari 2015
Sumber: www.quantamagazine.org

Para peneliti menunjukkan bahwa dalam konteks tertentu, teori string adalah satu-satunya teori gravitasi quantum yang konsisten. Mungkinkah ini menjadi kenyataan? 2,456 more words


Want to crush a singularity? First make it strong and then ...

by Parampreet Singh.

Einstein’s theory of classical general relativity breaks down when spacetime curvature
becomes extremely large near the singularities. To answer the fundamental questions… 1,182 more words