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Group field theories generating polyhedral complexes by Thürigen

This week I have been studying recent developments in  Group Field Theories. Group field theories are a generalization of matrix models which provide both a… 559 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

Trans-Planckian Particles and the Quantization of Time

Gerard ‘t Hooft – 1998


Trans-Planckian particles are elementary particles accelerated such that their energies surpass the Planck value. There are several reasons to believe that trans-Planckian particles do not represent independent degrees of freedom in Hilbert space, but they are controlled by the cis-Planckian particles. 174 more words


Loop Quantum Gravity: The first twenty five years

Carlo Rovelli – 2012


This is a review paper invited by the journal “Classical and Quantum Gravity” for a “Cluster Issue” on approaches to quantum gravity. 98 more words


Designing curved blocks of quantum space-time...Or how to build quantum geometry from curved tetrahedra in loop quantum gravity

Among the various approaches to the quantum gravity challenge, loop quantum gravity proposes a framework for a canonical quantization of general relativity, describing how the 3d geometry evolves in time. 893 more words


The geometry of the tetrahedron and asymptotics of the 6j-symbol

This week I have been studying a useful PhD thesis ‘Asymptotics of quantum spin networks‘ by van der Veen. In this post I’ll look a the section dealing with the geometry of the tetrahedron. 931 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers