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Polyhedra in spacetime from null vectors by Neiman

This week I have been studying a nice paper about Polyhedra in spacetime.

The paper considers convex spacelike polyhedra oriented in Minkowski space. These are classical analogues of… 1,109 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

A new realization of quantum geometry by Bahr, Dittrich and Geiller

This week I have continued to study the paper ‘A new realization of quantum geometry‘. In particular I am interested in the proposed forms of the… 366 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

Numerical work with sagemath 25: The Wigner D matrix

This week I have been studying the paper ‘A New Realisation of Quantum Geometry’. I’ll review the paper in the next post and follow up that with an analysis of the area operator in  the… 120 more words

Loop Quantum Gravity

Group field theories generating polyhedral complexes by Thürigen

This week I have been studying recent developments in  Group Field Theories. Group field theories are a generalization of matrix models which provide both a… 559 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

Trans-Planckian Particles and the Quantization of Time

Gerard ‘t Hooft – 1998


Trans-Planckian particles are elementary particles accelerated such that their energies surpass the Planck value. There are several reasons to believe that trans-Planckian particles do not represent independent degrees of freedom in Hilbert space, but they are controlled by the cis-Planckian particles. 174 more words


Loop Quantum Gravity: The first twenty five years

Carlo Rovelli – 2012


This is a review paper invited by the journal “Classical and Quantum Gravity” for a “Cluster Issue” on approaches to quantum gravity. 98 more words


Designing curved blocks of quantum space-time...Or how to build quantum geometry from curved tetrahedra in loop quantum gravity

Among the various approaches to the quantum gravity challenge, loop quantum gravity proposes a framework for a canonical quantization of general relativity, describing how the 3d geometry evolves in time. 893 more words