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Tensorial methods and renormalization in Group Field Theories by Sylvain Carrozza

This week I am going to look at a the PhD thesis, Tensorial methods and renormalization in Group Field Theories by  Sylvain Carrozza .

The thesis looks at the two main ways of understanding the construction of GFT models. 696 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

The 4d Quantum Tetrahedron

We start from the GFT formulation of 4d gravity. Starting from the classical continuum action which is the basis for most model building in LQG… 280 more words

Loop Quantum Gravity

Embedding the Bilson-Thompson Model in a LQG-like framework by Deepak Vaid

This week I have been thinking and reading about Xiao-Gang Wen‘ s work on quantum Boson systems and his work on condensed matter and the origins of fermions and photons. 1,224 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

Polyhedral quantum geometry

This week I’ve been reading Spinfoams: Simplicity Constraints and Correlation Functions PhD thesis by Ding. I’m reviewing the  section on Polyhedral quantum geometry  which is relevant to my work on the quantum tetrahedron. 390 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

From NOVA: "Are White Holes Real?"


Tue, 19 Aug 2014
Maggie McKee

Sailors have their krakens and their sea serpents. Physicists have white holes: cosmic creatures that straddle the line between tall tale and reality. 934 more words

Basic Research

Towards quantum asymptotic flatness

It is of great physical interest to construct a canonical quantization of asymptotically flat spacetimes. The classical phase space variables are subject to delicate boundary conditions at spatial infinity and the first challenge is to construct a quantum kinematics which carries an imprint of these boundary conditions. 456 more words