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What's on My List?

I’m not going to lie to you, my heads not feeling very inspired at the moment. Whether it’s because I drained my creative energy today on writing a… 523 more words


I bet the dog is dead: Where is the Cast of Little Rascals Now?

The question that keeps most of us up late into the night: Where is the cast from the 90s Little Rascals movie now? It haunts are dreams and stalks us at every turn. 20 more words


Where Is My Muse???

These Daily Post Words are throwing me for a Looper!! Yes, I actually bought that movie for $5!!! Speaking of Looper, today’s Daily Post Word is Shiver. 159 more words

Playing Golf With A Caddie

I watch professional golfers manage their way around the course with their faithful sidekick. Caddies have been part of golf since the beginning and they bring an important dimension often overlooked. 328 more words


Looper (2012)

In a future where time travel has been invented and outlawed, it is used solely by a criminal organisation who use it to “disappear” undesirables into the past where they are disposed of by hired killers called “loopers”. 246 more words



Skratcher Vancouver (Wundrkut, Paul Skratch & Mike MSA) presents the Ultra Looper. Featuring action packed, electro style beats for your drills and sessions.  17 more words