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I’m hoping to drum up some more support for my music using Patreon. If you’re a member of the ‘Smoke Thieves’ Guild’ (Patreon), you can suggest ideas/themes/concepts for live improvs and I will do my best! 92 more words


Loopers and Looping: An Article That Ends Where It Began

Recently, I sold my former loop pedal, a single-button Mooer Micro Looper, and bought a larger Zoom G1Xon. The G1Xon is a multi-effects unit which has a hundred different preset sounds, all of which can be edited. 528 more words

Looper: The endless circle

For his trickery, the Greek Gods condemned Sisyphus to the underworld. For his punishment, Sisyphus was tasked to push a rock uphill. No matter Sisyphus’ efforts, the rock would roll back down the hill before Sisyphus reached the summit, leaving him no choice but to start the task anew. 1,689 more words



Directed by Rian Johnson, Looper is about a futuristic society where time travel exists. When the crime mobs of this society want to get rid of a body, they transport the body thirty years into the past where a  608 more words


For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with time travel. Messing with time and heading forward or backwards in one’s life has always been one of those things that is usually in my brain taunting me at some point every few days. 1,257 more words


8 | Time Travel Stories & Alternate Universes

Time is indifferent. It moves along on a forward trajectory with no regard to what you want, like slowing down when you’re on vacation or speeding up when you’re at work. 2,136 more words


Video: The Untold Truth Of Cheat Codes

The guys at Looper have created a video explaining the untold truth and in depth history of cheat codes in video games. At one point in time cheat codes in video games were a hardcore gamer’s badge of honor. 68 more words

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