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My Five Favorite Movies

I’ve seen a lot of movies in my time on this earth. A lot of them have been good, some of them have been bad. I like to focus on the good things in life, so I’m taking this time to focus on a few of my favorite things. 996 more words


Project Almanac (2015) Review

I think its my age but I’m beginning to notice when a film is clearly not aimed at me. Not necessarily a kids film either but a movie where the story is a bit simple and its much more about the beautiful young teenagers who star than putting together something of any real quality. 578 more words



This week marks the end of an era, as Orange Wednesdays comes to a close. This means there’s no longer any reason to be on EE, least of all those Kevin Bacon adverts. 221 more words


Time Travel

One of the great things about science fiction is how it allows an author to explore the human condition in contexts that ordinary fiction cannot. For example, it can explore the idea of immortality. 1,608 more words

Sci-Fi Saturday

Project Almanac (Cinema Screening)

(spoiler free)

I love films and TV shows about time travel, some of my favourite films focus on this very subject so naturally I was intrigued to see Project Almanac. 535 more words

Cinema Screenings

Essential 6: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Performances

I absolutely love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I love that he loves art for art sake and uses it to connect the world (see: HitRecord.org). I love how he can me laugh and cry all at once with his performances. 698 more words


Blanket Fort Article

Leacocks, McGill’s online arts and culture publication, shared a very kind write up on DF. Check it out here for a description of our performance and more info on the upcoming Blanket Fort Concert!