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It Isn't Mine To Tell

Hello all! Sorry again for delays in posting but other things have just been more important.

Today I wanted to talk about this simple statement: 625 more words

The Tongue Is a Powerful and Often Fiery Instrument

Ah, the tongue. ’Tis a powerful instrument indeed, as St. James sternly warns us in the New Testament book which bears his name (James 3:1-12). 1,147 more words

Lying on My Death Bed, with This Well-Kept Secret...

I’d kept this secret for my entire life, and now, I’m lying, on my death bed, and, the secret I’d kept and carried for so god DAMN long finally, BUSTED its way out of me. 189 more words

State Of Mind

Loose Lips Lose Jobs...

For the last year, I have been doing a job that were this blog not anonymous, I would not even be able to talk about. It’s strange to have a job that you can’t disclose certain information about. 341 more words

Loose Lips: A Photoshop Exercise

My good friend Kelly just launched a radio show here on campus. I applaud her, as I host a radio show myself and she really has a natural talent for, well, talking. 293 more words


'Blue Bloods' recap: Reagans versus social media

Season 5 | Episode 5 | “Loose Lips” | Aired Oct 24, 2014

Henry Reagan probably doesn’t have a Twitter account, nor is he likely on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t start a firestorm of controversy online. 673 more words

Never do it for the blog. Be organic or go home.

Captain Morgan shot x3


White wine

Tequila shot

Fireball shot

Tequila shot

Whatever the Bar-maidaen walking across the bar poured in my mouth x3… 990 more words