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A Taste of Spring: First Flush Dragonwell

It’s the beginning of spring, and in the tea world that means one thing: first flush teas! The first harvest, or “first flush” of the year yields the highest quality teas, both in taste and health benefits. 366 more words



The Tea Leaf Company have a delightful tea shop in Brighton, which stocks loose leaf tea, which is cultivated with a respect for tradition and people. 519 more words

Afternoon Tea

Why Tchai Ovna a Pioneering Tea House

When it comes to cafes in Glasgow there is no shortage of choice or location. While we may not be blessed with the Cat Cafe  201 more words

Loose Leaf Tea

Tea is a beverage that is made by brewing the leaves of the camellia sinensis shrub. The type of tea you get, depends on the way that the leaves are processed. 183 more words

Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Tasting in Darjeeling

Darjeeling tea is plucked in four “flushes” throughout the season: first flush, second flush, monsoon flush, and autumn flush. Tea from each flush has its own distinct qualities and flavor profile. 473 more words



I first visited Darjeeling in the fall of 2011. I trekked the Singalila Ridge along the border of Nepal, where I had amazing views of Mount Kanchenjanga, the third highest peak in the world. 538 more words