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Ukrainian intelligence: Russian military occupation troops involved in looting in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine Today

Russia’s security service launches investigation following complaint by local residents

Russia’s regular troops, stationed in Donbas, are engaged in looting activities, according to the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. 162 more words

U.S. Museums May Serve As Safe Havens to protect ISIS-Looted Antiquities from Destruction

by Elizabeth Weber, Esq.

Following the destruction and looting of culturally significant works in war-torn areas, the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) issued a number of protocols to safeguard these artifacts by granting them safe haven in AAMD member museums. 1,546 more words


Places I'd Loot if SHTF

Where I’m from, “prepping” is a way of life for a large portion of the population. Mormons are famous for squirreling away food storage, waiting on the “end-times” when they believe that Jesus will return with vengeance against a population that is flawed because their god designed them to be that way… sounds pretty sadistic to me but whatever… so they hoard food, medical supplies and what have you so that they can survive those “end-times” until Jesus takes them all to heaven. 776 more words

The Full Weird

Ex-con art dealer's hoard of looted antiquities found in Switzerland

Italian authorities have located a cache of looted Roman and Etruscan antiquities purchased by one time art dealer Robin Symes in Geneva, Switzerland, according to the  463 more words


My grand challenges for archaeology

Doug Rocks-McQueen invited me to participate in a blogging carnival about the “grand challenges” of my archaeology. I meant to give this some serious thought and to write a blog entry (slowly, as is my wont) but I’ve been swarmed by a bunch of deadlines that I’m trying to keep, so instead this will be short and sweet. 622 more words


Dead Frontier: Refusing The Wasteland

Hey everyone,

There’s been quite a few requests for me to visit the Wasteland since the recent Dead Frontier update. However, as expressed on the forums, there are numerous reasons as to why I don’t wish to head out there. 275 more words

Dead Frontier

Teen Gets Probation for Dellwood Looting

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) – A teen gets sentenced to five years probation for looting the Mobil gas station in Dellwood last April.

St. Louis County prosecutors say Tyson Wesley pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary and stealing charges. 76 more words