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08.30.15: Chicken

The Colombian Attorney General’s office has launched an investigation into the actions of the Venezuelan National Guard after interviewing women who were deported from the country last week. 575 more words

Daily Update

The Blackout

The blackout came at exactly 11:37pm. Roy knew, because he had an analog clock that plugged into the wall; an anachronism, to be sure, but one he loved to show off to any visitors who would listen. 396 more words

Short Story

Can there be a case for buying stolen antiquities?

Gary Vikan, former director of the Walters Art Museum (1994-2013) and member of the president’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee (1999-2003) suggests that maybe there can. 82 more words


FBI Warn - terrorists trafficking Antiquities

The FBI have released a document titled ISIL Antiquities Trafficking asking that dealers and collectors take extra care when buying antiquities from the Near East. 132 more words


Fire Interrupts - A Washington Fire Story - part 3

Monday – August 24, 2015

We celebrated Grandpa’s birthday yesterday, it wasn’t technically his birthday, but we wanted to let him know we didn’t forget his 84th. 1,181 more words

Washington Fires 2015

They Blame China But That Country Is Just The Canary In The Coal Mine

I don’t always agree with Celente’s political opinions. I think Capitalism and rampant deregulated counterfeiting Banking practices are responsible for the biggest transfer of wealth this world has ever seen but he is spot on in his trend predictions and this short recording is spot on as usual.

Economic Meltdown