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ISIL plundering Syrian, Iraqi heritage sites on 'industrial scale'

The United Nations (UN) cultural agency has warned that the ISIL terrorist group is looting ancient sites across Iraq and Syria on an ‘industrial scale.’

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"That vase represents the rape of the past": Looted Mayan gods at the RAI Film Fest

So the other week I had the pleasure of attending the 14th Royal Anthropological Institute’s International Festival of Ethnographic Film in Bristol. I was only able to pop along for the final two days (thesis joys), but that was just enough to get the gist of the overall shindig. 918 more words


A devil with a human face

It was in March 1998. I and my late father were on our way to my school in Khaling. My uncle and aunt with whom we were living at the time had given us only Nu.500 to go to Khaling which was not enough even for the one-way journey, forget about the round-trip for my late father who had to return home after reaching me to school. 872 more words

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WANTED: Federal Warrant Issued For Man In Connection With Baltimore Fires

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A federal warrant is issued for a man in connection with the Baltimore fires.

Police are searching for 24-year-old Raymon Carter.

He’s accused of setting fire to the CVS store in the 2500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue during the April riots. 28 more words


Crisis in Democracy

Our elite are busy consolidating the gains from their 30 year embrace of neoliberalism while deploying their bought and paid for government to make certain there’s nothing we can do about it. 1,021 more words

Some Businesses Impacted By Unrest Starting To Get Financial Boost

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Small business owners are still having trouble bouncing back from damage and looting from April’s unrest. Now some are starting to get the financial boost that could make all the difference. 328 more words


Lesson from Ferguson, Baltimore and Charleston

Let’s take a moment and discuss a few highly volatile situations that have been in the news lately. Specifically, I would like to discuss the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the Freddy Gray incident in Baltimore, and the recent church shooting in  South Carolina. 750 more words

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