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Motbakke intervall

Jeg la opp en intervall med to menn, helt ulike forutsetninger. Han ene er en god til å løper og har ingen hindringer i forhold til bakkeløp. 135 more words

Hilason Western Treeless Saddle

Hilason saddles are designed to fit almost every type of horse! All the saddles I’ve had i’ve bought from them, they all fit my Arabian Mare perfectly. 110 more words

The Tack Room

Freemax Western Treeless Saddle

It looks like a treed western saddle. But amazingly it also rides just like one! It has a solid swell/horn, but is interchangeable and they have 5 different widths. 330 more words

The Tack Room

Weekend In Photos

I’m going to attempt to not write a lengthy blog post, and instead share my weekend update with you in mostly photos. My challenge – two sentences per photo. 289 more words

My Life

Dormido Manzanares discurría

Here is a sonnet from Lope de Vega, the Spanish Shakespeare, if it is possible to make such a comparison. The title is a great explanation of the theme of the poem – the poet is confused and embarrassed (in a good way) on being noticed by a pretty girl. 307 more words

#PAD 21 - Venganza

Maté por defender su honor, maté

por lo que más quería. Y una espiga,

como manto que a mi dolor obliga,

saliendo de aquel pecho, al mío até. 72 more words


Quiero escribir, y el llanto no me deja,

Here is a sonnet from Lope de Vega, the Spanish Shakespeare and one of the most prolific dramatists and poets of Spain’s Golden Age. Somewhat surprisingly, in view of his great output, the poem is about the difficulty of writing. 228 more words