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Something New With Valium: Has Anyone Become Anxious On Valium?

I m so bummed. Lorazepam isn t long enough acting for my anxiety, and Clonazepam gives me terrible headaches. So, finally, my provider had me try Valium/diazepam; instead of making me relaxed, it made me anxious, very anxious, on a low dose. 60 more words

Day 3. Day 4 and Day nearly 2.

3 days smoke free. 4 days zopiclone free…and nearly 2 days lorazepam free. I realize cold turkeying 3 highly addictive substances at once isn’t really a smart thing to do, but i’m an all-or-nothing type of gal. 353 more words

Ativan, friend or foe?

I was first medicated in January 2014. I remember the date well as I was in an anxiety cycle, caused by exclusion in one of my life circles. 612 more words

Perinatal Anxiety

I'm not sure where to start.

I guess my posts are getting more and more mundane and I’m sure I said something about posting something in particular, however, as my internet connection is shocking here, I can’t check what I wrote and I’ve forgotten so…. 471 more words

Day 105: Cry it out

Sometimes I am unsure what to do about feelings. I suppose the mental health establishment is unsure too: should feelings be drawn out or left in? 1,097 more words

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Choice of overdose for most suicidal people is painkillers. The problem with things like Tylenol is that they are a fucking horrible drug to overdose on. 157 more words

Away From The Lights