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Let's play doctor!

Whoa, Jenna, you’re thinking. I didn’t know you were into role-playing. But everyone’s got their secrets.

Unfortunately, that’s not the one you get to learn about today. 1,592 more words


Rollercoaster mood swings.

So today, I woke up like a zombie as always. I had a dream that my mum told me I had to get up. It made me get up, and she told me it must’ve been a dream… 317 more words

Bases Bloated: Come on Down and Watch Me Yell at the TV!

I’m one of those people who yells at the TV while watching nature shows when the animal being profiled does something I just don’t get. 1,011 more words

Elisabeth Galina

Day 17: Subtle Seizures

Subtle seizures are one of a group of four seizure types that are known as neonatal seizures/syndromes in babies.

The subtle seizures take place from birth and can be an indication of a further underlying illness.   78 more words

Day 115: at bay

Therapy has helped me become more attentive to the physical symptoms of emotions. So I know, for example, that there’s a certain kind of mental pain – one I associate with sadness, or hurt, or grief – that is accompanied by a sharp needle like pain that every now and then shoots through the tips of my fingers and a more steady ache in the roof of my mouth. 731 more words


That was the answer: Lorazepam. Every time I felt bad I was to take 1mg. Simple as that. I left my GP with a prescription. I’d be better in no time. 555 more words

In the woods

Officially, unofficially I am getting better. I am not ‘out of the woods’ yet as my psychiatrist puts it, but I am on the up and up, and as my physiotherapist sung to me today ‘I’m moving’ on up’ (click the fingers in time). 450 more words

Postnatal Depression