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Limbo isn't necessarily bad

I have realized over the last few weeks as I experience more good moments, hours and days, that I think my benzo journey is finally over.  407 more words


I Love My New Doctor!

This week I had to establish primary care with a new doctor. My doctor moved last year and I’ve been trying to replace her since. I had a false start with one doctor who messed up my insurance paperwork by reporting that I was obese as a diagnosis (I fully admit I’m overweight, but I blame most of it on my birth control) when I’d only gone in to establish primary care. 465 more words


Taking a chill pill

Although I had (still have, actually) a bottle of Lorazepam for when I had panic attacks, I very rarely used it. I was against medication, and usually my panic attacks happened at home. 271 more words

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Intramuscular Injection with Antique Syringe

Here I IM injectable lorazepam with a glass 1930’s antique syringe! I’ve always wanted to inject with one of these. Although it wasn’t intravenous, I still think it counts! 54 more words


anxious fuckery

honestly, i don’t know how anxiety every came into the picture. but i know for a fact that is a pretty common co-morbidity with depression, and/or even with eating disorders. 249 more words


Greyhound ride

Took greyhound bus from Boise to Seattle. Bus broke down in Pendleton, Oregon. Had to wait til another bus picked us up. Cooked up a shot of heroin in a bathroom. 185 more words

Lorazepam and Anxiety: Going Out

Most of the time, when I go out of the house, my anxiety levels rise enough that I become shaky and my stomach gets all tied up. 174 more words