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Is that the end of the tunnel??

I am risking the wrath of the withdrawal gods who never want us to be too comfortable or too confident.  But, here I go rolling the dice that if I say it out loud, it won’t be taken away from me.  317 more words


El Lorazepam es una droga

Lorazepam o llámalo como quieras: Abinol, Amparax, Aplacasse, Ativan, Calmatron, Donix, Emotival, Idalprem, Kalmalin, Lorazepan, Microzepam, Nervistop L, Placinoral, Orfidal, Sedatival, Sedicepan, Sidenar, Sinestron, Trapax, Tratenamin. 239 more words



I’m really struggling with anxiety at the moment. It seems centred around going out and going to work but knowing what causes it doesn’t help me to address it, I have to go to work.


Cassie, I am sorry.....


dripping viscid globs of vitriolic hatred
slick, the condensation of anger long distilled
the residue of years, even decades, of old wounds
applied with too much pressure it coalesced… 232 more words


The professionally prescribed, along with a healthy dash of hooch...and all is fine....

“God Bless the Pharmacists”

the warm burn of scotch
a wee bit of bitters, a pinch of ginger
and some honey bourbon
winding down a day… 136 more words


Fun on the Psychiatric Lockdown Unit

Many moons ago I worked for four months at a psychiatric hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, yet another of my short “careers” that didn’t work out. The hospital was a typical Behavioral Health Unit: doors are locked, patients (known as clients so it doesn’t hurt their feelings) go to classes, nurses are half crazy and psych techs (like me at the time) patrol the halls and politely yet firmly keep the peace. 665 more words

The shame of my tears

I booked my holiday. It hasn’t bought the relief or excitement that I was expecting and I feel physically sick with anxiety. I went and saw my care co-ordinator today and I was just a wreck. 469 more words