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College Football Notes

Before last Saturday, I believe the only other time 3 of the top 4 teams lost on the same day in regular season college pig was in 1985. 113 more words

Video, Comments, and Notes Regarding Pete Rose

There will be a link below that actually represents something good posted on ESPN.com. Maybe the sun is out and I hear birds singing. Alas, let’s not get carried away but do enjoy the great Pete Rose talking about hitting with Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas. 210 more words

October 12

MAN must pass from old to new,
From vain to real, from mistake to fact,
From what once seemed good, to what now proves best: 129 more words

Sir Thomas Browne

October 2

THEN gently scan your brother man,
Still gentler, sister woman,
Though they may gang a tremmie wrang,
To step aside is human.

Then at the balance let’s be mute, 138 more words


Judge Roy Moore Canned Again in Alabama

As many of you fine readers  are probably aware, the state of Alabama and its government are about as fundie as any state can be—meaning they have the place in a strangle hold. 119 more words

September 17

I AM owner of the sphere,
Of the seven stars and the solar year,
Of Caesar’s hand, and Plato’s brain,
Of Lord Christ’s heart, and Shakespeare’s strain. 117 more words

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Democracy and the Economics of Politics

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men . . .”

The truth of Lord Acton’s observation gets confirmed with sickening regularity. 1,079 more words