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It's SNP vote couture

New report highlights the negative social impact on Scotland of voters who  think that exercising freedom of thought is still socially or politically acceptable.

By Dee Phect… 307 more words


SNP pledge to make Independent Scotchland a 'joyless' place to live

Gauleiter for Health and Sanitation urges drinks industry to assist with plan to tax alcohol out of existence

By Wanfur Therode

SCOTCHLAND’S problem with Buckfast Commandos and Frosty Jack Rockets could soon be a thing of the past according to SNP Gauleiters. 489 more words

Alex Salmond

First they came for the Journalists

By Auntie Scott

SCOTTISH Natsie Party “heavies” are trying to intimidate the media, Lord Neimoller Steel of Torchwood, the former Bloodyrude presiding gauleiter, claimed last night as he girned at how Scotchland was becoming like a one-party state. 337 more words

Alex Salmond

Lord Change his mind and Lord Muppet

I look forward to day when the collection of nobodys that sits in the House of Lords can be made redundant along with their titles. Lord Malloch Brown having said that there were not enough helicopters in Afghanistan has clearly had his ears pulled by higher authority and Lord Foulkes has disgracefully attacked and insulted… 500 more words

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Lord Foulkes versus Carrie Gracie

An interesting take on the Lord Foulkes versus Carrie Gracie spat on the BBC here. The debate in the comments is worth reading too. 14 more words

How important is the expenses scandal?

So, the tirade on our ministers over their expenses is showing no sign of fading. The story is still managing to capture headlines today, and when a story generates this much attention, it’s always worth asking if it really warrants the headlines and if indeed we should all even care. 684 more words