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'Viceroy House'

Lord Mountbatten arrives in Delhi as the last British Viceroy to India. He’s to oversee the transition to independence.

Director Gurinda Chandar (Bhaji on the Beach, Bend It Like Beckham… 98 more words


A Brief History Of Priestly Rage

The priests who denounced the Bengal CM as a ‘beef-supporter’ have forgotten that their forebears had welcomed ‘beef-eater’ Lord Mountbatten

A. K. Biswas

History stands witness to the twists and turns of pol­itical fortune the Puri Jagannath temple has been embroiled in over the centuries. 840 more words


Benazir Bhutto Experienced Wild Sexual Adventures with the Other Dignitaries of the World... An upcoming book with some of the greatest sex stories of all time... Benazir Bhutto - Asif Zardari - Hillary Clinton - Yoko Ono - Indira Gandhi - Nehru - Lord Mountbatten - and the Royal families of England, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states...

Light and Fire: Sex Lives of an Elite

Benazir Bhutto experienced wild sexual adventures with the other dignitaries of the world. Libertine sex lives of some women from the Royal families of England, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states… A book by Rafael Martinez is going to appear with some of the greatest sex stories of all time. 179 more words

Asif Zadari

Goodbye England, We Never Really Liked You Anyway

You think it’s fun being Irish, don’t you? A big summer-camp jamboree of singing, dancing and fidgety bonhomie washed down with lashings of alcohol related products in a carnival of inebriated self-expression. 637 more words