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May It Be An Evening Star: The Lord of The Rings and The Dream of Hope in Dark Times

It was unfilmable, brought with it a fan base pre-established and filled to the brim with rabid followers, and was the sire of the very blueprint to writing modern fantasy, and yet, against all of the possible tribulations that the series could face, The Lord of The Rings, Peter Jackson’s love letter to JRR Tolkien’s magnum opus by the same name, became one of the greatest and most lauded film series of all time.   589 more words


LotR and Malifaux Commission Fixes

Just a few things I quickly fixed before packing this sucker up. A couple jerkins painted brown from grey. Steel reinforcement on the helms as well as painting the cloak buckles. 9 more words


Malifaux and LotR Commission Update #9 - Sons of Eorl & Missile Troops

Almost finished the first half of this commission. The Sons of Eorl and mounted missile troops are done, all that is left of the first half is the mounted Shield Maiden. 8 more words