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Additional Manuscript Findings

Several months ago, I posted an article here regarding an apparently new manuscript I had discovered, recounting in alliterative poetry what might be called the “Three Hunters” episode of the famous Company of the Ring. 578 more words


Hobbit 3: Battle of the Five Armies.

WTF!! They killed Kili. I have never cried that much because of a movie. Stupid orcs killed Kili. That was depressing. Am kinda happy I didn’t go to watch it at the cinemas, that would have been embarrassing. 64 more words


On all things 'LOTR'...

I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.’ I should think so — in these parts!

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[Pic] [LOTR] Fanart by Rin丘丘

Valentine mà gia chủ lười quá, thôi mọi người ngắm đỡ fanart vậy ~(=^‥^)_旦~ 53 more words

Lord Of The Rings

Lotr - Feeling.....Risk......y! :o

Well! yes. This is Risk. This is Lord of the rings risk.

I had never played risk before but Mark brought this and we had an amazing night playing this with some friends! 169 more words

Lord Of The Rings

'Your Legs Are Too Short, So Use Your Head' - Sam Gamgee (to Himself)

It’s not often that I look to fiction for advice. If I’m honest, I tend not to look anywhere. It’s not a good habit, but it is what it is. 947 more words


'Drawing Him Into the Shadow' - Tolkien Figures Out Ring-O-Vision at Amon Hen

By the time Frodo made his climb up Amon Hen, he had worn the One Ring on three occasions. First was at Tom Bombadil’s House, second was accidentally in Bree, and lastly during the attack on Weathertop. 1,458 more words