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LOTR Numenor Commission Update #5 – First Half

About half the infantry are complete. Tabletop standard. It’s great painting Gondor models while listening to an audiobook of the Two Towers.

As a note, I thought painting the ears on a couple helmets to denote captains.


Moving On

This will be the last post in the series The2016Story. Not because that Story has ended but because it is continuing. I will continue to update and write but 2016 is over and you are now caught up on it. 416 more words


LOTR Numenor Commission Update #3 - All Base Belong to Gondor

Everyone has been based, now to prime! All 83 of them. A small change made to the foot slogging characters; shields on their backs instead of their arms.

StaticGrass Creations

LOTR Numenor Commission Update #2 - Conversions

The characters get shields, and two of the spearmen get banners and swords. The banners are made of styrene plastic. Time to base all of them.

Army Building

LotR Numenor Commission

Got these in the other day. Old school Lord of the Rings Numenor army. They are all metal. A total of 82 miniatures, consisting of infantry and a few characters.

StaticGrass Creations

Fraternising with the Enemy

If you look closely, you can see the fear in my eyes. But we’ve jumped ahead: let’s start at the beginning.

Morbid Alexis

As a teenager, the Gothic subculture was very dear to me – partially because of its morbid preoccupations, and partially because I shared its love for the aesthetics of older times – the artwork, the fashion, the books.

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Personal Development

Bảy bài ca giữa người và tiên - bài ca thứ sáu

Tác giả: アズマ

Fandom: The Silmarillion – J.R.R. Tokien

※Permission was granted by the artist to reprint this work. Please visit the artist’s pixiv profile to rate and bookmark the original art! 8 more words


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