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Rooting for the Underdog

I’m assuming that my heart for the underdog is why God gave me a quirky kid.

I’m also assuming my fervent desire for any underdog to succeed is rooted in my own underdog underpinnings. 271 more words

Yes, Indeedy

Ring Ring Reality

Oh poop. Those two words would be an understatement of the rapid anxiety that filled my chest in that one moment. The overflow of emotions gave me indecent thoughts and a combination of vernacular words that had yet to be invented. 819 more words

Prompt Post 4: Confession 

In my next prompt, I have been asked to make a confession of some sort. So, here we go:

I discriminate based on age.

Not people, of course, because people of every age are capable of doing amazing things. 513 more words


Top 10 Favorite Book Series/Trilogies Of All Time

10. Stage Dive by Kylie Scott

I don’t like New Adult/Erotica books that much, but these books got me good and somehow it became one of my all time favorite series. 789 more words


Board Game Economics: Money, Trade and Value – part II

Last time out, I talked about how I’d looked at some of the financial numbers behind the free games I’ve received to review this year and concluded, (not surprisingly) that the value was pretty good. 2,129 more words

A Few Meeples More

Reeve's Mortal Engines powering into cinemas

Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines is coming to the big screen, courtesy of Peter Jackson.

The Lord of the Rings director will be producing the movie , but the film will be directed by Christian Rivers. 227 more words


Character Wars - Gandalf or Dumbledore?

Hey guys!

Now before we start, I should clear that the title is misleading and this is no war. This is far from a war. This is just a polite and friendly discussion about the favorite from favorites. 662 more words