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10 Bands Unexpectedly

Inspired by

Lord of the Rings

Music can be inspired by many things, such as love, family, and how much you miss the plains down in Africa. 2,169 more words


Lord of the Drillings: Fracking Meme

Before such a meme is made anachronistic by the disappearance of deep shale drilling, I thought I should share: 22 more words


When is The Lord of the Rings not The Lord of the Rings?

The short answer, of course, is when it’s not written by JRR Tolkien. Now I should make it clear that I am not talking about the movies in any way, we can all agree they are a perfectly valid adaptation of The Lord of the Rings’ books, Peter Jackson has the rights to prove it and everything. 962 more words



Mostly, I write about people who are long dead. But today I am writing about a person who is, for the first time, not around to celebrate his birthday. 928 more words

British And Brilliant

The Largest Middle-earth Themed Collection in the World

My mother is a big fan of Lord of the Rings and anything Tolkien. So, for her birthday last month I said I’d take her to the biggest Middle-earth themed collection in the world, that’s right. 651 more words


What's Your Favorite Book Adaptations on the Big Screen? Here's 3! #books #movies #film

Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Book Round Up! Over the last decade, the movie/film industry has garnered inspiration from books. While this has been going on since before Shakespeare, I thought I’d list my three favorite book adaptations on the big screen. 767 more words


Writing & Reading the Unfamiliar

I’ve been writing for a long time; roughly six years, and I am now only starting to see acceptances appear in my inbox. There’s a long, bumpy road to that first acceptance response, however the road doesn’t stop once you’re there. 474 more words