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The Hunt for Gollum: Lore and LOTR LCG Deck Tech

Crownless Kings is a solo campaign journal of the Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. It chronicles each of the published adventures in more or less chronological order, with more or less thematic decks. 931 more words


A lidless eye

A lidless eye

A bottomless hole,

The starless sky

Its clouds smoked with kohl.

Fires born

Bark wilting in rage,

Screams of the warriors

Created in this new age. 8 more words


They Were Once Men...

“They are the Nazgûl, Ringwraiths, neither living or dead. At all times they feel the presence of the ring…drawn to the power of the one..they will never stop hunting you.”

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3 Day 3 Quote Challenge - Day 3

My quote today goes to one of my favourite trilogies ever.

There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.

The Two Towers…

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Lord of the Rings Reread - The Fellowship of the Ring: I.1

Welcome to my reread of The Fellowship of the Ring (the first volume of Lord of the Rings), in which I will read and blog about one or two chapters a week. 1,876 more words

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The Lone Wolf-Chapter 4

In chapter four our rogues have returned.  They have just arrived at the Bloodstone Gate in Vaasa and are just about out of gold (and for Caladin’s lifestyle that just won’t do).  3,013 more words

Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 6-22 to 6-24-2018

The Tarot card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is the Five of Swords. This weekend may be a tricksy one. For all you non-Lord of the Rings fans, this means that there may be lots of petty arguments or mind games. 86 more words