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I wander.

Not all those who wander are lost – Tolkien

Tolkien’s quote along with his epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, impacted me greatly at a young age. 356 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Hobbit Holes at Hobbiton

 Wordless Wednesday

Look at these tiny Hobbit holes in The Shire!

Our visit to the Hobbiton movie set at Matamata on New Zealand’s North Island, was a lot of fun! 85 more words


November Owl Crate

I’m so excited because this week I received my very first Owl Crate! I was so excited that I didn’t even film an unboxing on my Instagram ( 538 more words

Harry Potter

NaNoBlogMo, Day 20 - Who told you this was a good idea, and could you stop listening to them?

Listen, TV executives:  I know Game of Thrones is popular, but you can’t go on this way.

Two weeks ago, we learned that Amazon has greenlit a multiple-season Lord of the Rings… 722 more words


The Minimum Effort Ep.13: Mini-sode!

Ben and Lewis revive the podcast with this special (aka short) episode about this week’s movie news, Thor: Ragnarok, and a discussion about the shocking news of a new Star Wars trilogy and TV show!

Star Wars

1.XI. Thought 13

Sam is the best!

“‘Put your ugly face out of sight, or it will get hurt.’ With a sudden flick, quick as lightning, an apple left his hand and hit Bill square on the nose…’Waste of a good apple.'” 7 more words



Welcome, back to another week here at Faerie Rose Press! Last week talked about heroes and this week, I know that I said that I would talk about villains; however, due to what this week being and recent events in the news, I think that I will spend today talking about villains, and then the rest of the week talk about some other subjects related to writing. 589 more words