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Pauper of the Rings

The a/c saga continues.

Unlike Tolkien, however, the author of this saga has yet to include one hot hobbit or sexy elf in this tale. 30 more words


Bought For The Boughs

Here’s a visual for Lord of The Nerds fans: imagine you’re half-sized and perched on one of the countless boughs of an infinite Treebeard. You’re seeing the world from on high; so different a view it is! 463 more words

Sharing God's Story

Tablescape: The Judging

Several weeks of work and multiple DIY projects later and I finally got to set my table up at the LA County Fair. Today is the last day of the fair which means in 2 days I get to go and take the whole thing down! 521 more words


The Wizard and the Worg

The Wizard and the Worg is my fourth and final piece on Tolkien’s book; The Hobbit.

A thrilling tale, the Wizard Gandolf and his dwarven companions find that they have insulted an underground labyrinth of orcs by escaping captivity. 68 more words


Questions I Would Have Asked.

Day 3 of Tolkien Week – yesterday, I shared a post about writing an entire language. I’m glad you are still with me – I have a ‘thing’ about meeting the authors I admire. 99 more words

Alon Shalev

Lord of the Rings LCG

I’m not the biggest Tolkien fan, although I was raised in a house with a huge fan. My mum named our dog Bilbo and our cats Sam & Gandalf. 86 more words