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NFL QBs meet Lord of the Rings

By Spencer Bowen

The most intriguing NFL conference championship weekend in many moons owes a lot to the four quarterbacks at play tomorrow afternoon. All four are firmly in the “you don’t want to play them” category for their own reasons. 563 more words

Pop Culture

Mounted Faramir

This is my mounted Faramir, that I converted to Polish Hussar, so it fits to my Gondor-Polish army style;)


Lord Of The Rings

You Shall Not Pass!

This is my penultimate page in Matthew. Jesus is tried, tortured and nailed to a cross … but I felt compelled to draw this scene from a film instead. 544 more words

Bible Art

Tolkien's Oxford

December 29

This is Tolkien’s Oxford: a map of Middle Earth. I first find him beneath the Bridge of Sighs. Behind the bridge’s glass panes, Tolkien glimpses the willow-light of Rivendell. 316 more words

Scale and Perfectionism

I haven’t posted for a few weeks simply because I haven’t made as much progress with current projects as I’d hoped. The Varanguard has reached a fully assembled state… and stalled. 683 more words


Throwback Thursday: Where There's a Whip, There's a Way!

The 1980 Rankin/Bass animated version of The Return of the King isn’t without its flaws, but it is lovable in spite of them. And it also has this earwormy song! 63 more words