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Top Ten Bookish Memories

  1. Nine Worlds counts as bookish, right? Yes. Nine Worlds. See here for many, many reasons why it was awesome.
  2. The British Library/Forbidden Planet with the Circumlocutor.
  3. 399 more words


The other day me and my siblings took a LOTR quiz, you will not believe who I got! :(

And my entire family said it was so me! 41 more words

Things I Like to Do

  • Take random items of jewelry to the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor.
  • During recess I like to search for horcruxes with my classmates.
  • Chase tornadoes with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.
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Hobbiton!!! (OMG!!!)

I will never forget sitting in the theater and watching The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time. I adored all of Peter Jackson’s films in that trilogy, and I eagerly bought the DVD boxed sets when they were released. 216 more words

Solo Travel

A Bookish Look at Movies

I have trouble forgiving book-to-movie adaptations sometimes.

People were confused that I wasn’t one of those super-fans up in arms over The Hobbit movies and the Tauriel-Kili romance. 556 more words

General Nerdiness

Rosie Gamgee - for D'verse

He came back older, leaner, both of those;
And harder, too, as if he’d been through
Some great fire and had a softness
Burned from him. 271 more words


Sir Ian McKellen Won't Officiate Your Wedding As Gandalf, Not Even For $1.5 Million

Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White, Greyhame, Stormcrow – call him what you want, you can’t get the famous Lord of the Rings wizard to come to your wedding. 172 more words