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The Monthly Spew Exclusive: Sauron Comes Out Of Exile

The Dark Lord opens up about PJ, the Hobbit and what he’s been doing since The end of the Third Age

When you hear the phrase “Dark Lord”, it conjures up images of ruined castles, blackened skies, and desolate wastelands. 800 more words

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Addiction: Audio Books

Let me preface this with a tiny snippet of my day. I walked in the door after work to greet my wonderful husband. We chat about our days and discuss dinner (Thai!) and I proclaim excitedly that I am going to read my book, “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon while he finishes up what he was doing. 598 more words

Harry Potter

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game Longing

This is not a game review as I have never played the actual game.  This is my description of my longing for the game.

There are plenty of good reasons for this game winning the Game Developers Choice Award for Game of the Year 2014.   406 more words


Best Movie Soundtracks (Epic Individual Songs)

When I made my first top five list, it was celebrating the top five soundtrack composers (read that here: http://bit.ly/1DFprh2). I am now starting a new series where I will take a close look at different parts of movie soundtracks (where would we be without them).   582 more words

Read All About It By namelessrandom (In-Progress)(Words: 74,332)

Lord of the Rings
Original Female Character Estella andAragorn

Estella was a huntress, travelling here and there using her skills to help those in need. She was well known across all lands, the woman who didn’t belong, but that never stopped her from helping. 45 more words


Who Needs a Hero?

From costumed and animated characters to trusty wing-men and faithful friends, sidekicks take all shapes and forms. And while the levels of input differ substantially, it’s hard to imagine our heroes saving the day without the crucial assistance of their crucial assistants… 936 more words

Current obsessions: literary fashion and quirky purses

Also, Instagram. Instagram is by far my most-opened app on my phone, and it’s quickly becoming the new “blogging” platform, and for established bloggers more influential than I, updating several times a day even is becoming a necessity. 292 more words