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Spain Wants To Build A 'Hobbit'-Like Theme Park

Last month, the city of Rincon de la Victoria, Spain announced its plans to build an eight-hectare (about a third of a square mile) Middle Earth-inspired park called “La Comarca,” which in German means “a whale’s vagina*.” They’re calling it a theme park, but it sounds less like the thing with roller coasters and more like a regular park. 421 more words


Tales of Fantasy by Larry Todd (Troubador Press, 1975) (Part Two)

In part one I give some background on the book and publisher Malcolm Whyte explains how it came to be. The material Todd covers is a very eclectic mix of ancient myth, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, pulp, children’s literature, and even poetry (Lewis Carroll, whose work was a drug culture keystone). 38 more words


Fifty Shades of Japanese Erotica and the Technical Aspects of Fiction Writing.

Well, that was not really what I had planned for the last week or two, but it is what happened. I just scored three Books points, one after another. 872 more words


The Tolkien Roundup: March Edition

I don’t have the next installment of my own series together, so here are a few links to some recent Tolkien posts you are sure to enjoy. 209 more words

Gene'O Gordon

The Sorrowful Goddess of Death and Some Other Guys (Silmarillion Slow Cooker, p28)

The parade of Valar continues in still another post about the Valaquenta! Today we’ll get a bit dark (not Morgoth dark or anything, but still, dark) with the Fëanturi, their spouses and sister! 1,235 more words


I was exploring some new techniques with this one. Stoked on how it turned out!
Gandalf – Charcoal and white pastel on grey paper

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Tolkien Ensemble - Elven Hymn to Elbereth Gilthoniel (III)

This song set to words by Tolkien puts me in an indescribable mood.  It captures the ageless, sorrow-filled existence of the elves in Middle-Earth.  Sung by Signe Asmussen, whose magical voice does total justice to the lyrics. 133 more words