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D10 - Fangorn

here’s number 10! :D
The edit was inspired by the Lord of the Rings, Fangorn is the name of the forest where the Ents live. :) 51 more words


My Walk to Rivendell: Day #1

Last Monday (Nov 23rd 2015) there was great commotion in Hobbiton. Gandalf the Imaginary (a figment of my imagination) came visiting and espied EP the Hobbit (my hairy footed avatar) stuffing her face with Bengali sweetmeats. 729 more words

Bucket List

Gaming Round-Up: Cho'Gall, Towers of Doom, ESO, and War in the North

I once again find myself with a number of gaming topics to cover that are not quite big enough to deserve their own posts. Today, we’ll be visiting the Nexus, Tamriel, and Middle-Earth. 1,483 more words


An Old Hobbit Song

Just a bit of fun.

Translation –

When the hills grow steep and bare,
when lavender blooms curl and die,
when winter cold stalks all to soon, 48 more words


Culling the Human Herd

Three people died today because, well, the motive has not been stated, but because a 50-something year old went into a Colorado Planned Parent facility and started shooting. 144 more words

U.S. Events

Fashion Spotlight: Bender Fett, Christmas Getup, and Wizard Story

Ript Apparel has three new designs! Bender Fett, Christmas Getup, and Wizard Story, by Fernando_Sala, BoggsNicolas, and marcin, are on sale today only! Get them before they’re gone… 53 more words


The X-Files: Tooms

The X-Files loves open endings. Many times this first season, the final shot shows ‘something has survived’. Whether it’s Neanderthal offspring (‘The Jersey Devil’) or an artificial intelligence app (‘Ghost in the Machine’), creator Chris Carter doesn’t seem to wish Mulder the joy of actually closing a case. 534 more words