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Comic #106 - Darkness

Finally, after six months, I have finally uploaded all (technically) of my comics onto the site – the comics from here and forward are fresh. 26 more words


Okay, I’m just going to start out by saying that I love the story of Beowulf. But don’t waste your money on buying the full book. 248 more words


Breathe the pressure

I think I stumbled upon my New Year’s Resolution. Defying the Negative Nancy that lives in my head. It’s hard to push past it sometimes, but I’ve been fairly successful this year methinks. 964 more words


A Horizontal Update

It is now the fifth day of Lent, and boy has it kicked off with appropriate spirit! Tuesday evening I felt myself coming down with what I thought was a cold. 330 more words

Favorite Things

Here’s to writing stuff down...

So just like any other person who has come back from travelling, I have decided to start a blog. How cliché of me…

But ever since I got off that plane two weeks ago, I feel I haven’t appreciated the past year as much as I should have. 147 more words


The Impossible Dream

When days are short and dreams are big, the battle with Old Father Time can be a frustrating one. Your need to be outdoors is often blocked by work and other daily commitments that have become increasingly heavy shackles around your neck. 325 more words


The 25 Best Films of the 2000s, Part V: #5-1

#5: Django Unchained:

I’m going to make a statement sure to spark some controversy among my friend group: Django Unchained is the best film Quentin Tarantino has ever made. 1,959 more words