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We Will Rise Above These Wrongful Attacks

As of lately my wife Bella, & I have been going through some hurtful attacks via social media by certain people we know in person and what these people don’t realize is their attacks are causing us both to become a stronger person because we’re discovering inner strengths we didn’t know we had until a time like this. 107 more words



From Psalm 10, 11:4-7(NLT):

O LORD, why do You stand so far away? Why do You hide when I am in trouble? The wicked arrogantly hunt down the poor. 388 more words


Gold For The Glory Of God

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I am the Gold that is about to be discovered and uncovered, for God’s Glory! God is the gold, in me that the world is about to discover! 61 more words


Living in Love

Good morning ūüôŹ

Let’s begin the day by loving ourselves.

God created us as his own image, perfect in all aspects.

He dwells in our heart. 101 more words

Round Two Of Attacks

Lord it’s round two of certain family members attacking my wife via social media. Please Lord help me have a heart of forgiveness and help me not to hold a grudge or seek revenge. 15 more words


Carissimi: Sunday’s Mass; St Apollinaris, Bishop & Martyr

St Apollinaris, Bishop & Martyr; Commemoration Sunday VII Post Pentecost: Missa “Sacerdótes Dei“

St. Apollinaris was the disciple of St. Peter, who preached the Gospel at Ravenna. 1,729 more words