Z Point Clearing Releasing Unsupporting Beliefs and Negative Energy .Our unconscious holds in our belief system things that are not for our best and highest good.With much uncertainty, financial constrictions for people, businesses, and countries, job insecurity, unstable weather patterns, long held institutions that are crumbling, health pandemics, etc… there could be a lot of fear lurking down there… BUT one has to connect with the unconscious representation of it to clear  (that would be a body sense or a symbol the unconscious gives you).  141 more words


INTERVIEW OF LORDIEL BY JULIE McCALLISTER http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ask-lordiel/2012/12/11/interview-of-lordiel-by-julie-mccallister

This is an interview that I shared openly some of what I have gone through. So many of us are going through so many things today, that just maybe this will help you through your journey. 104 more words

DAY 15 - Creating Your True Reality with Michael Alan Kowal and Lordiel

Today is replay of Day 15 where we discuss understanding, aspiring to our fullest potential and experiencing a life changing experience today that will take you to another level. 279 more words

DAY 13 - Taking Risk, The Best Way To The New You with Stephanie Larson

DAY 13 is all about being the best you can be! Listen, enjoy and share these messages and spiritual tools with others so that WE can all be the best we can be !!! 288 more words

DAY 7 - Healing-The-Core-Wound-A-Road-To-Wholeness-and-Oneness-with-Renee-Babkiewich

Enjoy listening and sharing with others and embrace all that you are.

The Holy Wound Trinity – A Road to Wholeness & Oneness
There is ONE Core Wound.  252 more words

DAY 6 - Natural Born Healer Bob Bell aka The Kissing Saint

Today is day 6 replay which I give to you as an alternative way to healing. I am also a natural born healer plus a learned energetic healer. 420 more words

Day 5 - End Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD- with Heather Smith and Lordiel

Day 5 is for anyone suffering with PTSD or for anyone that you may know suffering with it. Please listen and share with others…. reach out a helping hand to help yourself or someone else. 223 more words