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Lord's Day: 'Greening up' the Morning Shave. (Kickin' it Old School in the Bathroom)

A desire for Better and Greener

I realize that Sunday isn’t normally the day for Shaving your whiskers for the coming week, usually we men-folk try to put that task off for as long into the weekend as possible. 272 more words


The Sabbath/Lord's Day Controversy: Part 1a Who Are The Players ?

Swartley’s book, “Slavery, Sabbath, War, and Women” aimed at learning how exegetes tackle controversial topics. With respect to the Sabbath, he stated that he would “examine the scriptural support adduced by each position and then offer some hermeneutical observations and guidelines for proper interpretation (p. 2,849 more words

Lord's Day

The Call To Worship

The freedom of religion is not primarily concerned with private devotion but rather that of public worship. It is a display of the freedom of conscience which, if removed to merely the privacy of silence, becomes a privation of faith which results in a practical, if not literal, atheism. 524 more words


Sunday Fun-day:

You did what?

Happiness is playing “footsies” with your wife on Easter Sunday during church service.

Why Easter Sunday Is Not (and Shouldn't Be) Drastically Different Than Other Sundays

I like Resurrection (Easter) Sunday. Primarily for what happened. The first Resurrection Sunday was a pinnacle point in the redemptive history. Its significant has profound implications for today and tomorrow. 463 more words


Why Was The Lord's Day Changed From Saturday To Sunday?

A few months ago a friend sent me a link to an article which asked the question, “WHY DO WE NO LONGER WORSHIP GOD ON THE SABBATH?” 2,522 more words


The Lord’s Day: Whatever

Since we have been freed from Mosaic Law, which includes the Ten Commandments, the fourth commandment, to keep the Sabbath, is no longer obligatory to those of faith. 786 more words