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Why I Support An Appointed House of Lords

Yesterday’s post on David Cameron’s latest tranche of peers provoked the following question from a reader:

Why don’t you support an elected House of Lords? 426 more words

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David Cameron Creates 45 New Peers

The Dissolution Honours List for the last Parliament has finally been announced, and it includes 45 new peerages, which will bring the total number of peers in the House of Lords to 826. 749 more words

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An Alternative to Job Seekers Allowance and the State Pension

With the UK economy faltering and in no state to withstand another shock – we are still paying for the bank bailout – you may think that the prospect of  Job Seekers Allowance – £72.40 a week or £57.35 if you are under 25 – is not a very attractive prospect even assuming you can satisfy the onerous conditions and limited tenure.   346 more words


Scottish Options

The old elitist parties are getting in a right tizzy about the prospect of the Scottish National Party holding the balance of power in the next Parliament. 270 more words

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Enough is enough: Time to regulate prime ministerial appointments to the Lords

This week the Constitution Unit publishes a new report arguing that the time has come to regulate prime ministerial appointments to the House of Lords – to prevent the chamber’s size escalating further, and prevent government manipulating its membership. 1,787 more words


Ideas for House of Lords reform

Reform of the House of Lords is one of those curiosities in British political history. Proposals for reforming the upper house have surfaced on occasions since the Commons first debated hereditary peerages in 1886 and 1888. 976 more words