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Yeah, Right... ICC Officials Say There's No Evidence Against Ugandan Military

The Office of the Prosecutor and the Government of Uganda have always had a close, if at times strained and uncomfortable, relationship. There is little love lost between senior officials but they have been awkward bedfellows for fifteen years. 1,806 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

There is Nothing Extraordinary about the Prosecution of Dominic Ongwen

JiC’s symposium on the trial of Dominic Ongwen and the prosecution of child soldiers continues with this contribution by Alex Whiting. Alex is a Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School where he focuses on international and domestic prosecution issues. 1,346 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

The Life and Times of Dominic Ongwen, Child Soldier and LRA Commander

In the first piece for JiC’s symposium on The Dominic Ongwen Trial and the Prosecution of Child Soldiers, Ledio Cakaj joins JiC for this fascinating account of the life of LRA commander and former child soldier, Dominic Ongwen. 1,313 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Reintegrating former-LRA combatants after the Amnesty Act

“The Amnesty ’s major limitation was the reintegration component … As a disarmament tool was excellent.”

How were former LRA-combatants reintegrated back into society after the Amnesty Act (2000)? 83 more words

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QuickBrief: Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is a Ugandan rebel group operating in the border region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Central African Republic (CAR), and South Sudan. 375 more words


The ICC and alternative justice in Uganda

“Prosecution or punitive justice is just a drop in the ocean. The ICC will only play a very small part in the justice equation of northern Uganda. 144 more words

Humanitarian Intervention

The Case of the LRA's Dominic Ongwen: perpetrator and victim?

“Ongweng, like all the other LRA-abducted children, was abducted at a very tender age … He was a gifted young man who could have been the best doctor, lawyer or engineer if that was where his career path took him.” 123 more words

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