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The ICC and alternative justice in Uganda

“Prosecution or punitive justice is just a drop in the ocean. The ICC will only play a very small part in the justice equation of northern Uganda. 144 more words

Humanitarian Intervention

The Case of the LRA's Dominic Ongwen: perpetrator and victim?

“Ongweng, like all the other LRA-abducted children, was abducted at a very tender age … He was a gifted young man who could have been the best doctor, lawyer or engineer if that was where his career path took him.” 123 more words


Off the grid or just as strong as in 2012? The present state of the LRA

“To the people who have experienced the brutality of the LRA, this remains a war without an end. […] Their activities continue to fluctuate; there are moments when they scale up their abductions, and there are periods when the abductions gradually decline.” 120 more words


ISIS (Islamic State): Just another insurgency movement? As so many in recent history?

 ISIS: Just another insurgency movement? As so many in recent history?

The attention heaped on the Islamic State in Western media and public debate has centered primarily on two issues: 2,010 more words


Al Jazeera: The girls of the Lord's Resistance Army

Ugandan women who were abducted as children by the LRA share their stories of rape, torture and abandonment.

Marc Ellison  Al Jeezera 1,858 more words

Victims at the ICC - Who’s Representing Who?

Luke Moffett joins JiC for this fascinating article on the battle for victim participation and representation in the context of northern Uganda. Luke is a law lecturer in Queen’s University Belfast and is author of… 1,423 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Why the ICC Won’t Prosecute Museveni

Anyone who has visited and spoken to the citizens of northern Uganda will be well aware of the harrowing stories of abuse and devastation wreaked by the vicious twenty-five year war between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels and the Government of Uganda. 1,321 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)