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Sunday Notes

As I was driving into town heading to church, I already had a joy and peace I knew was not mine alone.  Jesus was already with me.   1,850 more words


Symbols of Christ’s death

Earlier this year consumer advocate Choice found that dried oregano is being padded with substitute olive and sumac leaves. One product contained less than 10% of the real thing, while other brands had just 11-50%. 3,946 more words



The Lords Supper, also known as the Holy Communion is a Spiritual thing instituted by Jesus Himself. It first took place with his disciples just before his death. 1,233 more words

Jesus Didn't Turn the Water into Coffee

Martyn Wendell Jones thinks coffee at church a good indication of communion of the saints:

My own church serves coffee and tea in the cafeteria of the high school building we’re renting after the service ends in the auditorium.

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Baptism: The New Testament Sign of Abraham

Part of what I have been trying to say when it comes to baptism, in order to show that it involves the entire family, is to understand the mindset of the First Century Jew when it came to the sign of circumcision. 1,488 more words

Biblical Truth