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Communion Meditations 1: The Eucharist

There are many words today that are used to describe the Lord’s Supper. However, if we take a historical survey, we would note that the church fathers and the early Reformed theologians often called this sacrament the Eucharist – that is, the thanksgiving. 824 more words


Eating at Home

I’ve long thought and contended that Peter Leithart is clever. I also think he is too clever for his own good. Rather than identifying with a particular strand of Christianity (like the PCA, the RPCNA, New Light Calvinism, or even Moscowite-Baptist-Presbyterian hybrid) and trying to strengthen it, Leithart indicates that most expressions of Protestantism do not measure up. 671 more words

Reformed Protestantism

Practicing Scripture, Christ, and the Church: John Calvin’s Agenda for the Eucharist

What is “practical” theology? Often, practical theology is thought to consist of the explicit practices of the church, such as church discipline, preaching, leadership, types of worship, etc. 1,498 more words


"Jesus' Complete Humanity Redeemed All of Me" (Bro. Ricky Persons, 12-24-2016)

This Christmas Eve sermon was recorded on December 24, 2016. You can download it here, or play it by clicking the arrow below. (On some computers clicking “here” just starts playing the sermon on Windows Media Player. 24 more words

Sunday Morning Sermons

The Lord's Supper: R.C. vs. Lutheran

Seeing that I have spent some time studying Roman Catholicism, I thought I would ask some friends on Twitter for any questions concerning the differences between Catholic and Lutheran theology. 705 more words


You'll be shocked to know what one church is doing on Christmas

How’s that for a title? Did I get your attention? I’ve noticed that many websites use shocking titles to attract readers so I decided to give it a try. 339 more words

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