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Gravity is Stored in the Balls

Lore Boys have arrived on our National Holiday because we don’t take days off!

Today we’re making our way out of Hell and into Purgatory while covering the second part of Dante’s Divine Comedy! 146 more words

Lore Boys Podcast

Sonicci del Hedgehog

Lore Boys are back from our long journey and we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

Today we’re taking a look at the first part of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem, Inferno. 160 more words

Lore Boys Podcast

5G Causes Tyranids

Lore Boys are back to absorb all life on your podcast app of choice down to the smallest bacteria!

Today we look into the heart of the swarm and try and reason with the Tyranid. 144 more words

Lore Boys Podcast

Dying is Faster than Driving

Lore Boys are here, and we’re talking about Borderlands! For our 3rd anniversary we figured we’d dive back and revisit our 3rd ever episode, with the added twist that we can now include the Borderlands 3, of course. 124 more words

Lore Boys Podcast

Love, Life and Legs

Ever wonder what would happen if the gubberment uploaded NANO BOTS to pull all the gluten out of the atmosphere? Well we sure have, cause we’re a dumb hand kind of podcast here on the Lore Boys. 133 more words

Lore Boys Podcast

Three Point Nut

Censored Lore Boys back at it with the sex cults!

Today Ethan takes us to the valley of the Satyrs for a little love, and a lot of debauchery. 154 more words

Lore Boys Podcast

Finally Getting Our E-Thot Status

Hey all, Lore Boys here with some real-life Lore from everyone’s favourite real-life boy, James. We’re doing a brief history of twitch dot tv and covering all the manufactured drama and history therein. 118 more words

Lore Boys Podcast