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Karnstein Armlets

​Countess Karnstein: (Carmilla) by Sheridan Le Fanu

A classic Victorian vampire novella, which influenced Bram Stoker’s later story”Dracula”

Carmilla is the story of a female vampire; it was, the first vampire story to have a female vampire as its protagonist. 454 more words

Destiny Lore

Orpheus Rig

Orpheus: Thracian, tried to save his wife, Eurydice from the underworld, but he looked back while they were fleeing & she was lost forever

In mythology… 229 more words

Destiny Lore

2017-10-25 - CreepLA - LORE

That thin line between reality and make belief. Humankind has a habit of dealing with its own darker side by embellishing the raw facts and creating elaborate fantasies, in an attempt to make reality more bearable. 1,234 more words


Medicinal Herbs: Arnica

Arnica {Arnica montana}

Arnica has been an important topical healing herb since the 15th century. It is a member of the large and varied… 548 more words


The Three Divine Swords

In a now forgotten pantheon, there were three gods of war. They are the religion’s only remnants: three names and three swords. In this war-torn world, even they have followers. 444 more words


Kaladesh, the World of Innovation

Kaladesh is one of Magic: The Gathering’s newfangled planes, renowned for its artificers and their passion for crafting the next big invention. The landscape is a stunning amalgamation of natural and synthetic elements, dancing in unison. 626 more words

Magic The Gathering


I went out to the hazel wood,
Because a fire was in my head…

~ William Butler Yeats

“You can call me Hazel”, she said as a cold winter breeze drifted through her catkin hair, making the golden tassels ripple and dance.

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