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And this is how

Then mix it well

and finally add the oil

and this is how you make the pickle

and this is how you preserve something 500 years old… 177 more words

The Wandering Walk

Lore (The Wandering Walk)

Beyond the Black Riage mountains, an ancient path traces the Beyond.

The Wandering Walk serves as a pilgrimage route. No one knows the exact length of the Wander, nor can anyone point to its beginning or end. 148 more words


Sands Of Time Conclusion

Yes, I had meant to make it more of a running story as I went along, but it didn’t work out quite as planned. Still, over four months later it’s done and I’m quite happy. 32 more words


And it spoke

He crawled around on the floor leaving a trail of crimson blood. Moaning. The mighty warrior that had ran ahead and dragged the group into danger. 334 more words

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Who Would Be On the FBI's Most Wanted List?

The other day, I wrote up a blog asking what NPCs would you like to meet?  Well, now I’m wondering which of our notorious enemies would be on the FBI’s most wanted list?  526 more words

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...what?: A Theory of The Point of Bloodborne

There is so much about Bloodborne that we don’t know that it makes it hard to figure out what’s going on half the time. I personally think that’s kind of the point–as the characters in the game know so little about the Great Ones which all the events in the game revolve, we know even less as we come into the events after they’ve happened. 1,705 more words


Juuuuust a bit outside

I was merely trying to lure in lovers of the Charlie Sheen movie “Major League” with one of my favorite quotes. Anyone familiar with “Major League” lore knows that one.  18 more words