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Crown of Hyboria

While the Draeks are certainly still a powerful and feared people, they were once even more so. Nuradiel, first of his name, had once conquered all of Hyboria. 391 more words


Glacial crabs

Glacial crabs, despite sounding like a crazy STD, are actually one of the more interesting creatures of A’Rt.  From a distance, they look like slow moving glacier drifting across the seas.  155 more words


Tamriel unhindered.

It’s been a while since I picked up the proverbial pen and wrote something about the games I’m playing. Well, it’s not that I haven’t been playing, on the contrary, I’ve been playing quite a few. 560 more words


April value

Well another month has almost passed and here are some of the things that have played a part in my life this month. Ps isn’t this year going quick!. 231 more words



Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Hyboria was home to the Primicians, an ancient and powerful race almost all but forgotten by history. They once dominated the continent until an unseen force destroyed their entire civilization, leaving behind nothing but ruins. 743 more words


Emissary Log: The Northern Trade Pt. 3

November 20th, T.A. 2017

Much has taken place since my last letter. The damage done by Angmar is somewhat lessened of late. Weather it is our involvement in the area or not I cannot say, but there seems to be much less of a presence in the north here. 408 more words


Seleros Ibari: Within the Deep [Star Seer's Journal]

(As usual, this post in in-character.)

Welcome everyone. This is Queen Star Seer…or rather, Seleros Ibari, as I was dubbed recently.What a story this one is… 757 more words

Star Seer