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MyDDO: Forged by Blade

With the announcement of the Shadowfell Conspiracy, they also announced the creation of a new class type. The iconic class. With that I have decided to take a closer look the one that is available now, the bladeforged paladin. 454 more words


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Crypt Envy

(The following is the role-played adventure of my character as played on Whispering Pines UO. Though there he is no scripted vampire race, it is my fancy to role-play one.) 500 more words

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This is a lesser known creature, and it is not very scary. It is one of my favorite mythical creatures to do research on because there are many different accounts of what this creature is. 172 more words


My World of Warcraft Characters' Lore: Volume 2

Firstly, thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback on Volume 1! Such positive comments! Feedback of any kind is what motivates me to write more, so without further ado, here is Volume 2. 2,816 more words


Primary Passages into the Depths of the Earth

There are tunnels and passages that lead deep under the land to the ever-dark homes of the various so-called “deep races”. These descents are typically marked on the rare maps of these underlands as either primary, secondary or tertiary passages. 219 more words


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Adventure Log: Single Player D&D: Nemere Pt. 1

After several futile attempts to put a gaming group together, my boyfriend and I decided to try a 1 on 1 game.  I’m going to take a moment here and discuss the way we approached this game. 1,925 more words


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My World of Warcraft Characters' Lore: Volume 1

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of blog posts from me lately! I’ve been concentrating my creative energies elsewhere. I can’t promise that this is going to change anytime soon, but in the meantime I do have quite a hefty creative post for you part one of many, and whether you enjoy World of Warcraft or not, I’m hoping it’ll be interesting to you. 3,103 more words