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Anybody Ever Notice the Giants Statues in Gianthold?

The other day, I was leading a group through the Gianthold Slayer area during Erdrique’s barbarian life and somebody had mentioned something about the giants crystallized in the area.  189 more words

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Lore of Overwatch: Dragons

Overwatch: Dragons

“Dragons” is phenomenal. The music; the riveting story about the brothers; the fight scenes that use abilities from the game; and the animation are stunning and top notch. 416 more words


Who is... Anara Starsong? + Big Theory

For my first article I will be addressing the character Anara Starsong from the up and coming MMORPG called Chronicles of Elyria, being developed by Soulbound Studios. 2,133 more words


What's the deal with the wildmen?

Over the past week or so I took Erdrique through Ataraxia’s Haven and the Restless Isles.  One thing that both of these areas have in common are the… 307 more words

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5 Movie Recommendations

Today I have some movie recommendations for you guys, so if you are like me and enjoy quirky films, the majority of these films will appeal to you. 16 more words


Walking Four Paths

by Grant Smuts

Every story has a villain. This one’s mine.

The Forgotten House of Callister

Born Sheoul of the house of Callister, Morvannon enjoyed an easy early life in the city of Fyrisia. 2,204 more words


From Land To Water: The Tale of Kimihiro

Within the Valley of Vultures, one must shield their eyes.

They swarmed over him, mile after mile.

Their long shadow served as a tiny reprieve from the sun. 275 more words