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A Visitor's Guide to NeoLondon

Citizens (and visitors) new to the city may enjoy the lantern show in our newly rebuilt town-hall.  The merchant’s association also produced this small tourist guide.


Celebrating the Giving in Thanksgiving

During my 5k walk benefitting two local food shelves on Thanksgiving morning, I looked up and let the fat snowflakes hit my face.  It was a soft snow with little breeze, and in an instant I felt thankful. 569 more words


Watch: First look at Operation Frostline sites

Crossing Zebras writer and co-host of HighDrag and Hydrostatic podcasts host Ashterothi runs one of the new Operation Frostline Target sites on the Singularity test server. 60 more words

Eve Online

The Mysteries of the Menechtarun Desert

I have said it a number of times in some previous post that my favorite explorer area is the Sands of Menechtarun.  This explorer area has a number of unique landscapes and awe inspiring sights but it also has a large amount of lore that has barely been touched in DDO.  1,046 more words

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It's that season again.....

As the Winter Solstice party season looms, we must start thinking about plans for our Saturnalia bashes for December 17th- we can probably skip the human sacrifice part as it’s no longer terribly fashionable- but the traditional banquet for Saturn should certainly be observed. 413 more words


What Exactly Makes a Taken Unstable?

Awhile back, I took Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through the quest Fashion Madness and I noted that one of the monsters you encounter in that quest are… 251 more words

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Freezing... Toes Don't Matter Anyway

Right right right. I know. Technically speaking it’s Thursday. Thanksgiving 2015 to be exact. But in case you missed it every now and then I deal with insomnia. 509 more words