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The Six Obelisks


Standing taller than any other structure on the planet, the Six Obelisks, sometimes known as the Six Pillars, loom in the sky as massive beacons, both of terror and awe. 834 more words

Six Pillars

Legal Theft Project: Sun Fall

The rage surging across her skin was probably making her stupid, funny how she didn’t care. She was glad Jo was on watch. Jo would have struck someone by now. 691 more words


Pillars of Eternity

Platforms: Mac, Linux, Microsoft

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Obsidian Entertainment, Paradox Interactive

Designer: Josh Sawyer

Just a little disclaimer, I have yet to pay Pillars of Eternity, but I heard about how awesome it is and did some reading to decide if I ever would play or not, and I must admit that I am impressed. 899 more words

Fantasy And Science Fiction

Non-Players with Character: Big But Not Bad - Giants, Jotun and Ettins

I’ve decided to combine the three races of giants, jotun, and ettins into one post for a few reasons. One is that there simply aren’t enough noteworthy NPCs in each race to merit a standalone post. 987 more words


About Vampires

In human mythology, vampires are creatures who feed on the life essence of others, generally by consuming living blood. Vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures, and known by different names, such as vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. 77 more words


Lore update :)

A longer chapter 6 done and added!

Hope u’ll enjoy!! :D

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