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Decks #30 and #31 - Deep Knowledge

While I usually test decks alone in a “true solo” context, today I have the chance to test a 2-handed fellowship consisting of The Hunters of the North and Eyes of the White Tower decks. 2,425 more words

Prologue 4: Landfall

Adjutant Mann Bernotas, former assistant to the planetary governor of Galba, His Grace Lord Silas Modrak, waits at the end of a large metal hallway. On one end, where he and an entourage of PDF and ministers stand, a large ornamental window presents a bleak picture of the besieged planet. 885 more words




The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare: Dramatic comedy

Bassanio who is bad with money gets help from his best friend Antonio to land Portia, the richest & fairest girl in Belmont… 672 more words

Destiny Lore

The Dragon God of Time: Akatosh

Chief deity of the Divines, the official religion of the humans of Tamerial. He represent the qualities endurance, invincibility, and everlasting legitimacy. One of two deities found in almost every Tamrielic religion. 186 more words


Who Is Lorkhan?

Also known as; Shor, Lorkhai, Shezzar, and Sep

He is responsible for the creation of Nirn.

It is said Lorkhan begat by Sithis to destroy the universe. 296 more words