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March value

March is one of those transition months. We leave the dreary winter months behind and usher in the coming of spring. Yes, it is a time to eat some easter eggs but it’s also a time for reflection. 607 more words


Freshly Pickled Dating Advert

“Charming fellow seeks Bourban Glazed Lady for Uplifting Choices in Sensible Practicle Support” or “Handy-Man seeks Time Share Maintenance Position” or “Vineyard Hobbyist seeks same for Gardening Project this Spring” or “Bee-Keeping Skills Work-Shop Sought by Novice willing to Learn”.   30 more words

Exploring Azeroth Episode 0 Live Now!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Desdenada’s first gaming series, Exploring Azeroth! I have discussed before how World of Warcraft has impacted my personal life philosophy, and now I hope to share that with Venezia – and, of course, with you. 75 more words


#5 Work The Podcast

If you’re like me, listening to music is more of a distraction when it comes to work that requires a lot of focus. This might be more of a contradiction to most as audibly secluding yourself from your environment keeps you more in your own ‘zone’, right? 713 more words


Henry "Hal" Sharp

  1. Codename
    • Freeze (?)
    • Cryon (?)
    • Black Ice (?)
  2. Age- 25
  3. Species- African American Inversion
  4. Status- Unregistered
  5. Hair- Black Fade
  6. Eyes- Ice Blue
  7. Body- Athletic
  8. Powers …
  9. 219 more words
Brandon Snell

Gehara - Legends, Rumours, Fears pt 3

The Fallen City

Cendrillon’s sacrifice destroyed Gehara’s enemy, but it did not destroy the danger to Gehara itself. The Living Wall of Flame could not keep the pseudodeities out of Rerum Calna and the monsters levelled the city. 685 more words


From the Shelves: Umberlyn

Kaedwyn References:

Dispatch Intercepted by Kaedwyn Agents post delivery:

Salutations in the Highest,

Even with your request for informality, I find this difficult to deliver upon, but I will press forward. 815 more words