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Who Or What Is Lady Gaga's Character In AHS ROANOKE?

After last week’s rather average edition to the AHS Roanoke plot, fans of the show will be pleased to see episode 3 takes the story in a much more interesting direction. 1,312 more words


Spaceship Pageantry in Amarr

Yesterday say the ascension of Caitiz of House Tash-Murkon, chosen through the Imperial succession trials after Empress Jamyl Sarum I was slain by drifters. to lead Amarr.  1,104 more words


Pontiff Sulyvahn and the Kingdom of Lothric

Mystery surrounds the story of Dark Souls 3, as with any game in the “Soulsborne” series. Some of the major characters and settings include the kingdom of Lothric, the hidden city of Irithyll, the Profaned Capital buried beneath the Boreal Valley, Prince Lothric, King Oceiros and the Pontiff Sulyvahn. 1,164 more words


Blog Challenge – Saddest Quests

Another shared topic with Cinder and I. You can find Cinder’s post here.

Where do you even begin with this topic though?  The whole time I was levelling there was sad quest after sad quest. 724 more words


Rune Satchel Notes: Into Ancient Lands

January 8th TA 3018

A great charge has been set on me from Lord Elrond. As he was pleased with my service and part in the rescue of the captives from the Goblin Town tunnels. 624 more words


Episode 83: Star Wars Infosplosion

We invited the original Star Wars crew from over a year ago to continue all the Star Wars lore, movie thoughts and madness that only these experts have. 19 more words


Journey to the Grey Mage: War of the Magi

At the time that The Grey Mage takes place, two and a half centuries before the Heirs of Lydin, two great wizards stand opposed to each other and other practitioners of the Art find themselves forced to choose a side. 248 more words

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