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The Suit of Reflex - The Rogue

The Suit of Reflex, part of the Suit Superior The Suit Mundane, is the smallest Suit Inferior of the Major Arcana, of the Tarot Temporal. It consists of two cards, making it the smallest Suit Inferior of the Major Arcana: 1,265 more words


Blue Flame in the Fire Caves?

Earlier in the week, I took Hamllin (Level 7 Fighter) into Three Barrel Cove and into the Fire Caves to complete the quest, Brood of Flame… 210 more words

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Finding Destiny's hidden lore through concept art: the Truth of the Hive

I think that some aspects of Destiny’s lore that have yet to be revealed about the Hive can actually be guessed at by looking at some very old concept art from early in Destiny’s development. 2,989 more words

Electric Cartilage

The Rauren Tarot - The Tarot Temporal - Major Arcana

When the first Tarot decks in our universe were created around 1450 or so, they were simply packs of playing cards. Games such as the originally named ‘French Tarot’ or the Italian Tarocchini (which uses a stripped down deck of 62 cards.) Indeed, Occult significance only began to be attached to them in the late 1700’s, long after Playing Cards in general were used for divination. 1,472 more words


Arclight Vayne

To be honest, I thought of making a blog just to write my opinion on this skin, since I already bombard my close League friends with random crap about Lore that none of them seem to care about. 425 more words

League Of Legends

The Fate of Nyroth

The museum’s preservation enchantments have kept the colors bright on the scraped Freljordian vellum used to create this primitive map of Nyroth. When you squint through the glass, you can see the contrast between the carefully inked map and the rough charcoal smudges of the ancient Nyrothian’s pictographic annotations. 988 more words

Left Hand Path Denomination: Schrödinger’s Satanists

The Schrödinger’s Satanists are a solitary denomination with the singular drive to tear down the Church of Oruvos.  They do this via subterfuge, lies, deception, and patient determination.   559 more words