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Forest Under Forest Locations

This document provides a little insight into the world of Forest Under Forest. I wrote just so I wouldn’t forget what the backstory for certain places was, but these may not come up in this story. 213 more words


DNA's Heroes of Overwatch Episode 3: I Hanjo and Who is Reaching for Sombra Easter Eggs

Joey, Brian, and Corey discuss some Overwatch and how someone actually hit the lowest possible rank. Also, more Sombra details.

DNA Network

LoreLessons: Pilot with Persephone

The name “Pilot with Persephone” almost sounds like the Hellenic version of “Jesus take the wheel” but that’s not it at all. What this is the pilot episode of a project I’m thinking hard about starting. 516 more words


A Butter Knife.

Okay. Okay. Okay. I’ve total shit at writing my blog lately. But my latest excuse is totally legit. Well, maybe not totally. Semi. The latest excuse is semi-legit. 495 more words


I Thought I Heard You Whisper, "Trick or Treat!"

September is nearing and there are a couple of good reasons I am looking forward to it. August has been ranging from blah to okay to OH MY GAH! 483 more words


Free sample of Emergen-C

Hey Kittens.

Emergen-C is currently giving out free samples, go check that out (click-through link).

I’ve used Emergen-C before so I don’t have to wait for this freebie to show up before I give you my completely unsolicited opinion on it. 250 more words


Zubats in Northwest Portland

Aug. 23, 2016. 11:53 P.M. Alphabet district.

Three months since Pokémon were introduced to the city of Portland. Three months of this Zubat infestation in NW. 380 more words

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