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monthly lore, pt 2.

Monthly lore, part 2

Magic, it is present in all living things. But only a select few in the world can sense the flow of magical energy in the world. 251 more words


Those of frost, not firelight

They came down from the woods that night
those of frost, not firelight.
They snuffed out flame, snuffed out as well
the lives of those who quietly dwell… 105 more words


The Evacuation of the Citizens of Jericho of the Empire of Berphaunt

On the 7th day of the 10th month in the year 2257,

Emperor Louis Berphaunt, First Emperor of The Berphaunt Dynasty decrees the following edict for the citizens and residents of Jericho: 282 more words

In Game

Rumours for October 2257

The Citadel appears to be rallying its forces for an attack on the western edge of Berphaunt. 384 more words

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USS Kittyhawk

Above: The USS Kittyhawk taking on supplies at an independent asteroid base

The USS Kittyhawk is a Taft-class Strike Carrier assigned to the USEF. She is famous amongst Navy personnel¬†for escaping a carefully laid trap and avoiding a fate similar to that of… 388 more words


Barbarian - Into the unknown - Part II

“I’ll tell you one thing Toflim!!! It isn’t that peace of cake that i took it for – this traning with theese primitive grunts!

They hit harder than i expected and my punches and swings seems to be lost on those brutes! 167 more words

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Iiron V

The Iiron System lies on the edge of European Union territory. It’s fifth planet is (barely) suitable for human habitation and is gifted with enough valuable minerals and resources to warrant a small colony. 138 more words