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Episode 8.5 - Gilmore Girls Minisode

We cover corrections and omissions for Indiana Jones and Kevin Spacey and tease our top five changes for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Listen now on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Stitcher!

Am I Rory Gilmore?

As I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls, I’ve been feeling more and more like Rory Gilmore. Except I didn’t attend a private high school, wasn’t valedictorian, or go to an Ivy League school. 343 more words

Building The Girl

the phone goes back to a calculator.

The most mind boggling thing to experience right after I lost my dad was how the world just kept going on around me as if nothing significant had happened.   1,412 more words

Twenty Something

Where it all starts

Good day to you.

I have started this blog mid-way through my fourth re-watch of the entire Gilmore Girls series. I have just completed season 4, and am on to season 5. 94 more words


How to get inspired by Lorelai Gilmore

For everyone who needs coffee in an IV.


When I first started to watch Gilmore Girls, I was more of a Rory fan than Lorelai’s. 783 more words


When it smells like Autumn...

Lorelai Gilmore had a special gift. As soon as she smelled snow, her and her daughter Rory Gilmore would look up at the sky and almost within that instant as they peered above, snow would sift down dusting their coats and scarves. 216 more words