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“We can’t be lost; we don’t know where we’re going.”
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An Ode to Gilmore Girls

I consider myself blessed for many reasons. I’m healthy. The people I love are healthy. I have a home, a bed to sleep in, food to eat, clean water to drink, and clothes to wear. 778 more words

Alexis Bledel

#TVTalk - What it's like to watch Gilmore Girls all over again.

I first watched an episode of Gilmore Girls around 6 years ago after someone on Habbo Hotel was talking about it with their friend (how cliche I found my love on Habbo Hotel). 563 more words


Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.14

This is kind of a dramatic episode, and very relatable. Rory and Lorelai keep going to each other’s voicemails and without being able to actually talk. 719 more words

Gilmore Girls

Review: Gilmore Girls – Season 3, Episode 2 “Haunted Leg”

We begin this episode with Judgy WASP Mom and Lorelai giving each other the silent treatment. The cold shoulder. The freeze out. Rory struggles valiantly to make conversation, but she should stop trying. 1,455 more words

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Photo A Day: June 18, 2015: To Visiting Stars Hollow & The 'Gilmore Girls' House

There are some travel moments that stand above the rest.

Today, I was going through my 2008 travel photos from the USA, and I stumbled across this: the photo of me standing on the front steps of one of my favourite houses: the Gilmore Girls house. 238 more words

2015 Photo Challenge