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Gilmore Girls Retrospective: 1.11 & 1.12

Welcome back! This week, we deal with breakups, double-dates, groundings, and Proust! All the makings of a rollicking party.

1.11 Paris is Burning

Things are going really well between Lorelai and Max. 1,529 more words

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Let's Talk TV: Gilmore Girls Review

I’ll be the first to admit that I am completely addicted to binge watching tv shows. And today I’m going to talk about a show that I’ve binge watched more times than I can count — … 260 more words


Am I a Cool Girl?

This is my first blog post, I don’t know what the overarching theme of this blog will be so prepare for an adventure of my rambling mind. 710 more words

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Gilmore Girls Retrospective: 1.09 & 1.10

Things are about to get dramatic! Broken curfew! Angina! Santa Burgers! It’s beginning to feel a lot like a Gilmore Christmas.

1.09 “Rory’s Dance”

Emily, that crafty old broad, has read her Chilton Newsletter which is how she knows that Chilton is holding a formal dance. 2,051 more words

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Gilmore Girls: My Ending

I just finished watching Gilmore Girls, and I must say it is an incredible show. In fact, it is my favorite show. I love it so much, but I did have one problem with it. 1,389 more words

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10 things I'm afraid to tell you

When the fabulous Jen Hamley asked if I’d like to join her and some other lovely ladies the 10 things I’m afraid to tell you… 1,031 more words


lorelai's/sarah's/lauren graham's love life

*yes, that’s Dean…and me…and a friend.

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and because I just finished all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and the… 437 more words