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Study finds possible alternative explanation for dark energy

Dark energy is an unknown form of energy that is proposed to drive the accelerated expansion of the universe. A new study by University of Georgia professor Edward Kipreos suggests that changes in how people think about time dilation—the slowing of time predicted by Albert Einstein—can provide an alternate explanation of dark energy. 739 more words


Change of Space-Time Structure under Lorentz Transformation

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Ning Wu


Center for Theoretical Study, Beijing, China.


When we study Lorentz transformation in the framework of quantum gauge theory of gravity, we will find that the vacuum gravitational gauge field will be changed under gravitational gauge transformation, which will change the structure of the physical space-time and cause clock dilation effect. 470 more words

Inverse Lorentz transformations and the Scalar product (Part 7 of the series)

Part 6

Just to jog the memory, and assist in further discussions, take a look at the following figures:

1. Our two standard frames S and S’ : 1,018 more words


The Lorentz Transformations (Part 2 of the series)

Here’s the first part if you haven’t read it yet:

Now that we have seen what the postulates of Einstein’s SR are, lets see how they modify Galilean relativity. 1,438 more words