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Relativistic transformations of fields and the electromagnetic tensor

We’re going to do a very interesting piece of math here. It’s going to bring a lot of things together. The key idea is to present a¬†mathematical construct that effectively presents the electromagnetic force as… 7,067 more words


The Twin Paradox (III)

This blog post is a sequel of the blog posts 1 and 2.

Special relativity is very simple and elegant theory of symmetry (ignore the last word if you are not familiar with it). 928 more words

The Holographic View

Special relativity in Minkowski graph (II)

In the previous blog post we noted that the Lorentz transformation is the map from one inertial coordinate system to another. This means that the coordinates of a person standing on the platform can be mapped to the coordinates of the person sitting in the train using the transformation, which results from special relativity postulates, and quantitative analysis of the physical phenomenon can be done in both the frames. 1,452 more words

The Holographic View

A modern viewpoint on special relativity (I)

In this series of blog posts, I will explain our current understanding of spacetime using the notions of relativity.

Special relativity originates from two simple principles but its predictions challenge our day to day experiences. 1,028 more words

The Holographic View