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Off to a hurried start for the New Year? Take a moment to breathe, listen inwardly and experience living in the moment. Mindfulness and meditation can certainly help. 144 more words

Loretta Boyer McClellan

For My Brother, on This Day

For My Brother, on This Day:
Mountain made thee, art of my heart.
Dug the grave with paintbrush and palette, pine boughs and perseverance. 86 more words

Loretta Boyer McClellan

The Herbal Kitchen: A Book Review

“It is really not in our cellular memory to be alone in the kitchen,” writes Author, Herbalist and Teacher, Kami McBride, of LivingAwareness.com. Not being alone in the kitchen applies two-fold: for having both people and the herbs as kitchen companions, to prepare with and to dine together. 861 more words


"A Tree and Her Roots": A Poem

A tree and her roots are giddy with glee, as they join the neighborhood party, rollicking underground, netted together in phantasmic accord. “Accept the imaginary, ” the consensus says. 58 more words

Loretta Boyer McClellan

A Favored Homestead

A Favored Homestead

Marks the spot

Where I once stood

Long after I’m gone

Its clapboards rich

And weathered wood

Will count the shingles

Of time… 9 more words

Loretta Boyer McClellan

I write; therefore...

Writing about the process of writing may seem a bit redundant, but it’s only natural. :)

Loretta Boyer McClellan