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A Growing Family

Season 2 Episode 4 “Cherokee Rose”

The Episode

As our two groups, Atlanta and The Farm, spend a bit more time together, relationships start sprouting up everywhere. 870 more words


The Struggle is Real

Season 2 Episode 2 “Bloodletting”

The Episode

Boy do things get tough for our group this week! Mainly everything is focused around our young friend Carl. 830 more words


La muerte de Lori

Sí sí sí, Lori no era precisamente apreciada por la mayoría del público de TWD, pero no podemos negar que su muerte representó uno de los momentos más dramáticos que hemos presenciado.   46 more words


The Walking Dead: Into the Mouth of Madness (A look at the conflict in season 3) *spoilers*

This article series will attempt to explore to compare and contrast the protagonist and antagonists of the Walking Dead season 3. I’m fairly new to this series so bear with me if I’ve got some things wrong. 981 more words