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The Walking Dead ep. 5: Wildfire

Cana joins me to recap Wildfire, and I am supremely in my feelings because Lori and Shane are doubting the hell out of Rick’s instinct/ideas. 137 more words

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead ep. 3: Tell it to the Frogs

Rick Grimes? You got something you wanna tell me? In Tell it to the Frogs, all of Shane’s hopes and dreams are shot to hell when Rick reunites with his family. 106 more words

The Walking Dead

Most Heartbreaking Deaths on The Walking Dead

After seeing one too many “Top Ten” lists of fallen Walking Dead characters that listed terrible choices for favorites — Shane? The GOVERNOR? — I have decided to compile my own. 805 more words


Ten Epic Moms

Hi Friends!

In the spirit of Mother’s Day I thought I’d take a look at some of the epic moms that have entertained me throughout the years. 508 more words

All About That Shane

WELL, ZOMBIE FANS it looks like another season of The Walking Dead is drawing to a close. It’ll be a whole half year until the adventures of former sheriff’s deputy, Rick Grimes, and his fellow survivors will return like a walker to entertain us with more, gruesome zombie killings and plot holed plotlines that will make a sane man scream like a madman at his TV. 1,360 more words


Walking Dead Update

So I am all caught up! At least until the next episode. Last post I had only made it through season two, so I’ll glaze over and hit certain points. 1,063 more words

Why Men Don't Write Feminist Fiction

While I find the nitpicking annoying, I believe Feminist Fiction is one of the best feminist blogs to ever emerge regarding the topics of media. It is even keeled and usually very analytic. 312 more words