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The Walking Dead ep. 9: Bloodletting

Check out the Richonne deleted scene if you haven’t already!

Bloodletting shines a light on one of Lori’s issues with Rick as Carl’s life hangs in the balance; Hershel plays games; T-Dog gets the worst chunk of dialogue in the episode, and I continue to analyze Rick and Lori’s relationship. 208 more words

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Glenn From 'The Walking Dead' Hated Lori As Much As Everyone Else

Speaking to the press after The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel over the weekend, Steven Yeun — who plays Glenn on The Walking Dead — revealed… 404 more words


The Walking Dead ep. 7: What Lies Ahead

In the season 2 premier, Sophia goes missing, and everyone’s looking at Rick like he made it happen. Andrea verbally scalps Dale in front of the whole group; Shane says he’s leaving; and Lori finally supports Rick without sounding like she’d rather be doing something else. 135 more words

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The Walking Dead ep. 6: TS-19

It’s season finale time! Cana joins me once more to recap TS-19, where Shane is salty as all get out that Rick’s idea panned out. For a night. 124 more words

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The Walking Dead ep. 5: Wildfire

Cana joins me to recap Wildfire, and I am supremely in my feelings because Lori and Shane are doubting the hell out of Rick’s instinct/ideas. 137 more words

Co-hosts And Callers

The Walking Dead ep. 3: Tell it to the Frogs

Rick Grimes? You got something you wanna tell me? In Tell it to the Frogs, all of Shane’s hopes and dreams are shot to hell when Rick reunites with his family. 106 more words

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Most Heartbreaking Deaths on The Walking Dead

After seeing one too many “Top Ten” lists of fallen Walking Dead characters that listed terrible choices for favorites — Shane? The GOVERNOR? — I have decided to compile my own. 805 more words