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DogDaz Zoo: My Pets - My Heart

I am not sure that I would know how to be in the world without the love of my pets. They ground me. They force me to be present and caring. 74 more words


Caturday: Sweetest Heart

 Love  = Cat = Noel

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo <3


Monday Mischief: Sofie Plays Hamlet

To jump, or not to jump, that is the question: 

“Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
309 more words


Caturday: Never Enough Whiteness!

“There can never be enough whiteness in the world,” Noel says.  She seems to be very happy with the world outside the windows being her color, except that her herb window had so much snow on top of it (2+ feet) that it flooded.   70 more words


DogDaz Zoo: Sofie Update - Night Terrors Are Back

Every time I think that I may be getting a handle on Sofie’s night issues, I feel like I am going backwards.  The medication worked for about one week.   447 more words


DogDaz Zoo: Happy Whistlepig Day 2016

Late Breaking News:  Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow at Gobbler’s Knob today, Feb. 2, 2016, Groundhog Day, and so Spring is just around the corner. 161 more words


Caturday: Staring Contest

This is one of my all time favorite shots of Noel on the cat tree staring down a toy that is just a wire with some card board on the end.   37 more words