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Caturday: Yup! She Gets Me

I know Mom speaks Cat because she clearly understands what I say. Mostly I talk about food – wanting it now, wanting more, wanting a snack… Sometimes I want her to scratch my head or my back. 74 more words


Monday Mischief: I Dare You

Approach Mommy’s office if you dare, you silly cats.

I have built a wall of my toys and I will defend them to the death. 55 more words


Caturday: Special Delivery

If It’s a box – then I sits!

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo <3


Caturday: Keeping Cool

It is 105 F degrees today (41 C).

Nine doesn’t understand that he would hate it outside.

So, he is giving me that look.

You know the one. 56 more words


Caturday: B A C O N !!!!

One of my all time favorite K8 shots of Noel. Hard to eat when you have 6 vultures waiting to pounce on whatever is on your plate. 39 more words


Caturday: Play With Me. NOW!

Noel has these long conversations when she wants to play.

She can get very demanding.


Meow !

MEow !!


If you know what I mean. 18 more words


DogDaz Zoo: 22

<- Peanut – 22 hours old

Peanut 22 years old ->

Happy Birthday to the Zoo’s littlest human, who isn’t so little anymore.

We LOVE YOU!!!! 34 more words