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Javan Slow Loris

The Berlin Zoologischer Garten has one of the largest and most extensive night houses that I’ve ever seen. Not content to simply fill a room with thousands of flitting bats, they display an exciting array of interesting nocturnal animals from all over the world, terrariums filled with aardvarks, spring hares, blind moles, gerbils and, most impressively, a Javan Slow Loris. 557 more words


Endangered Animal Alphabet: Loris

My Loris for the art challenge hosted by @AnimalAlphabets on Twitter


Prospect Park Zoo

A few months ago I talked about the NY Aquarium and how it was not worth the even discounted prices. But on the flip side they have the Prospect Park Zoo, the most bang for your buck of any of the 5 WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) locations in NYC. 264 more words



A Loris for Animal Alphabets on Twitter (Needs re-doing to be honest! The eyes are incredibly hard to pick out without delving into ‘fill’ territory).

Helping the slow loris

There are a lot of ways you can give the slow loris a helping hand and help end the illegal trade!

Here is a link to petition asking Facebook to add an option for reporting animal abuse in the content users share. 169 more words


The Plight of the Slow Loris

If you spend much time on social media, odds are pretty good that you’ve come across one of the slow loris “tickling” videos that went viral a few years ago. 862 more words