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Loris lento

Questa piccola creaturina è stata creata copiando una foto. La particolarità del viso è data dall’espressività che ho raggiunto utilizzando la tecnica dell’infeltrimento ad ago di preziosi tops di seta e lana merinos.

Anthropomorphic Terror

The human brain has a great deal of real estate devoted to the tasks of recognizing faces and recognizing emotions in those faces.  Neither of these tasks is foolproof: seeing faces where they are none is the most common form of… 1,424 more words


Cute Videos Dangerous Without Context

My Facebook feed, like those of most people I know, is filled with videos of animals being cute in various ways, often without context.  I have seen… 399 more words


Baby Loris Loves Getting His Belly Rubbed

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the cutest thing you will see all day!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite part is at :46 when she stops scratching him and he’s all like ” why would you stop? 22 more words


The Great Escape: Day Three 16th May 2015

The last day at The Great Escape was all about checking out artists I’d seen on the first day. These artists being Holland’s The Indien, the incredible PollyAnna and Latvia’s very own Triana Park. 4,052 more words


LORIS - 'Crazy' Review

Dreamy ambience and driving pop mix for a solid single

Sounds like: Years & Years; CHVRCHES

LORIS have quite a bit of hype about them. They’ve done well at gathering critical acclaim since their first single dropped in 2013, and newest single ‘Crazy’ shows that it’s fully deserved. 131 more words