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What a Little Cold Weather Can Do

What a difference a few weeks of temperatures of below 0 F / -17 C have had on The Skipper’s opinion of my yarn stash. 302 more words


What I Am Knitting

First, it’s wonderfully cold here. 19 F / -7 C. With the wind chill it is 6 F / -14 C. I love the way it makes my bare skin sting. 549 more words


Christmas Tardis Scarf

My brother is a Doctor Who nerd. Now before you tell me about other people you know who won’t stop talking about the new Doctor this season, let me assure you, he is a nerd of a higher level. 621 more words


Do you know what qiviut is?

Yeah, I didn’t either. Yet again science has taught me something. I was polling this week for something… okay I can’t even remember why I ran this poll because I was blown away by what I learned. 866 more words


The Knit Show #101 Follow Up

I was so inspired by the first episode of The Knit Show that I printed out the Pom Pom Picot Sock pattern and went straight to one of my favorite LYS’s, … 353 more words

Knitted Items

Podcast Episode 47 - Catch Up



It's Shark Week Everywhere!

Even in my knitting bag :)

This past week I continued on in soxual experimentation with my first pair of top down socks.  As previously mentioned, I have been trying out different sock-knitting methods, and all my previous attempts have been toe up, for a variety of reasons. 489 more words